YouTube View Bot: How to boost views on YouTube with ASB Youtube bot


YouTube has solidified itself as the biggest platform for viewing videos from all around the world. It contains videos from every category, from every part of the world. This has provided the users to turn this into a business of profit. YouTube allows you to earn from the platform if you can engage people in your content and rack up views. Now all users must do is make sure that there are a large number of views on each of the videos. This sometimes is not so easy as it sounds. To make sure that it remains simple and easy for its uses, AutoSocialBots has introduced ASB Youtube Bot.

This YouTube view bot is designed is solely to make the job of the users easier and to free them from having to worry about gathering viewers. The software will be responsible for providing the viewers to its clients so that the user can only focus on making the content of the videos better and more engaging. Before ASB Youtube Bot, people had to pay firms that promised to bring views on a video which proved to fraud in most of the cases. Now users do not have to be worried about such threats.

Why use ASB Youtube Bot:

Here is a list of few benefits that come with having a YouTube View Bot:

  • The interface is so simple and easy to handle that even a layman can easily operate it.
  • It can provide a large number of views in only a short amount of time.
  • To make sure YouTube does not suspect anything, the IP Address is changed with each view so that it will appear as a new view every time.
  • Based on your requirement, you can customize the view time.
  • ASB Youtube Bot can stream more than one video at a time.
  • Saves the user from an arduous process collecting the users.

Step by Step guide to using ASB Youtube Bot:

  1. Go to the software, log in with your Login ID and Password, and OK. Once you have done this, you can check the save password feature to prevent this dialogue box to appear in the future.

  2. The next step is to provide the details of the number of runs to the software. The software has a preselected value but if it does not match your requirements, you can customize it to match your requirements.

  3. In the next step, you will have to select the number of times the video should run on the same browser at the same time. (Select it as 1 if using Dcom, otherwise use it based on the computer).

  4. The next step is to set the time in which you want to watch the video before the software witches to the next movie. While entering the time, keep in mind that after enter time, you must enter 000. This is the requirement of the software. Like if you want the video to be watched between 12 to 23 seconds, you must enter 12000 and 23000 at the respective places.

  5. The next step is to specify the interval between each video. The procedure of entering the time is the same as mentioned a couple of steps back (Enter 000 in the end).

  6. The next step is to enter the proxy. For that, the software allows you to list all the proxies you want on a notepad file and then upload the file using the browse feature.

  7. The software will create a .txt file and save it on the computer storage. You will have to upload that file using the browse button.

  8. Now you need to select the video of which you want to get the views increased. To do that, follow the mentioned steps:

a. Click on the “Data” button to select the required video. Then click on the “Options” button present on the bottom left of the screen and add a group by filling in the required details.

b. Click on the “Options” button present on the bottom right of the screen, click on “Add Item” to select the video whose views you want to boost. Enter the keywords, TextShow (Name of the video), and page number of YouTube where your video is present and click enter. Repeat the process for all the videos.

c. Select the desired group which you previously made.

d. Delete the videos that you do not want to be a part of the process. To do that, you must adopt one of the following methods:

Method 1: Click on the video you want to edit and select “Display Fast Execute Script”. Edit the information as required and click on OK.

Method 2: Click on the video in which you no longer want to be a part of view boosting process and click on “Delete Selected”. To delete all, first, click on “Select All” and then press “Delete”. The process of deleting is also the same for groups.
9. The next step is to select the number of videos you want the software to view randomly. Now, this is a quite clever way to give the illusion to YouTube that the video is being watched by a human and not by a bot. You can choose a random video from the first 10 videos.

10. In the next step, you need to choose whether your software will run by proxy or by Dcom.
11. After completing all the mentioned steps, click on “Run” to start the process. If at any time you need to view the progress, simply press “Show Browser”.


It is recommended that you use Dcom with ASB Youtube Bot as makes it easier for the software to change IP Address with each view which is important if each view must be reported separately.


Getting views on a YouTube video can prove to be a difficult and an arduous task and it is important if the user wants to monetize the videos. Now, it is no longer difficult as ASB Youtube Bot will make sure that there are always a large number of views on each video uploaded by the user.


.txt file means a text file of Microsoft Windows Notepad.

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