Why You Should Buy Cheap Shared Proxies and Why You Should Not

There is a general consensus that using cheap shared proxies is not the way to go if you are serious about using proxies in any sense of the word. However, that is not exactly true because there are various ways in which this cheaper option can actually work in your favor and the only important thing is being aware of when and when not to use them.

Now, the good news is that it is not exactly rocket science as to when to do all of this and of course the fact that they are so cheap to buy is also going to work in your favor. How is that the case? Well, to be honest you can use them in a way of just letting them crash and burn as they are still going to be capable of helping you out up to a certain limit before they are blacklisted and no longer become so useful.

So, when should you use them and when should you avoid them like the plague? It’s easier to follow than you think.

About Cheap Shared Proxies.

However, first we should just run over what we mean by shared proxies just to clear up any potential confusion surrounding them.

Shared proxies are out there in the public domain to a certain extent and when you buy access to them it does mean that other people can do the exact same and use the power and speed that is attributed to those proxies. In other words, you are not the only person that will be using them for various means so from a technical point of view there will be a substantial number of requests coming from the one IP address and that is something that can cause you problems at times.

You see, you have to remember that the entire reason for you to use proxies in the first place is to change your IP address and apparent location. This is going to benefit you in a number of ways as it means that your real IP address is going to be protected so it is not then going to be banned even if you then go ahead and do things that are perhaps against the terms and conditions of various websites.

The cool thing is that cheap shared proxies will allow you to go ahead and do this without spending a lot of money as getting access to them is very easy and straightforward to do. However, as we said earlier there are times where using them is not exactly going to be beneficial to you and times where it is indeed the best option and we need to look at both sides of the discussion to show you how and when you should opt for these types of proxies.

Now, we are not going to say how much they cost you but they are indeed very cheap and that is certainly going to be a huge advantage to you. In actual fact, you can look at buying them in bulk due to the way in which you can actually go through the different proxies thanks to the way in which they are often going to be banned at a moments notice.

Reasons for Using Cheap Shared Proxies.

If we can begin by looking at reasons as to why you should use cheap shared proxies because even though there are some risks involved and they can be banned and blacklisted at any point, there are still various times where this is a brilliant option. The key is knowing when to use them and when to avoid them at all costs because the way in which you switch between shared proxies as well as private dedicated ones as using either option is certainly the way to go ahead and achieve the best results possible.

First, you should know that these types of proxies are only good for activities linked to SEO rather than anything else. The reason for this will be explained later on where we look at when you should not use these kinds of proxies but there are certainly times where these proxies really are a viable option for you to use.

For example, it matters less about your IP address if you are looking at creating backlinks or scraping to then identify what your competitors are doing with their own SEO. The reason for this is simply because you are not looking at the long term picture with this kind of activity as it does not really matter if you have to change proxy as you are not dealing with things that you will be using on a regular basis.

So, when you are considering using these cheap shared proxies then you need to make sure that you only use them with the following actions to avoid running into problems that could derail your entire marketing approach.

1. Scraping websites.

When it comes to scraping websites for information as a one off thing then these proxies are going to be perfect. It just means that you are protecting your own IP address from being banned and blacklisted and if the shared proxy is banned then you simply move onto the next one.

Scraping websites for data is always going to lead to red flags being raised as you are sending out so many requests that the websites are picking up on what they see as being an attack. However, you can easily use them to just crash and burn and move onto the next one.

2. Creating backlinks.

We mentioned this earlier, but you can easily use these proxies to help you create backlinks especially when you are looking at building a number of them quickly. Once again, you are going to be going against the terms and conditions of various websites so hiding your IP is certainly going to be an advantage to you.

3. SEO Posting.

The thing about SEO is that you do not want to have your own IP at risk especially if you are pushing the boundaries of what is allowed and what is basically frowned upon. Now, if you are looking at posting messages etc on forums and groups then you clearly do not want to run into a situation whereby you are putting your own IP at risk and ending up having yourself banned from the very same websites. The only way around this is by using a proxy and considering the way in which these forums have a tendency to blacklist IP’s in next to no time, then using the cheapest possible option is the only way to go.

As you go further into SEO and the different methods and techniques that you can use in order to improve your standing on those results pages. However, as we will show you time and time again there is no doubt that you can only ever use shared proxies in this way simply because you know that you are able to lose the proxies without it having any kind of a negative impact on your SEO and the ability to use your own IP for extended periods of time.

Now, there are clearly several ways in which using these proxies will be to your advantage but at the same time there are certainly reasons why you should not actively seek to use them as we will now see.

Reasons for Not Using Cheap Shared Proxies.

Now onto the reasons as to why you should not use cheap shared proxies and the things that you just simply cannot do if you decide to go down the path of trying to save money. Remember, you are using proxies in order to protect yourself so you clearly do not want to do anything that puts yourself at risk.

First, you can never use these types of proxies if you plan on creating and running multiple accounts on various social networking websites. The reason for this is simple. Your accounts will be banned and it is just going to be a case of wondering when it is going to happen rather than if it is going to happen.

It is very easy to explain why this is going to be the case.

When you are using proxies to set up a number of accounts then it is important that the IP address that is used is used by you alone. If the same IP is being used to create a number of accounts (and remember it is impossible for you to know this as you have no idea what other people are using the exact same proxy for) then the likes of Facebook or Twitter are going to pick up on this in next to no time. As a result, they are going to take down any account that has been created using that IP address and your accounts will be caught up in that as well.

To be honest, you can take it as read that those cheap proxies will have been used by other people for making accounts so there is no way that you are going to be able to survive for any extended period of time.

Furthermore, it is not just the creating of the accounts where you should avoid using cheap shared proxies but also the general managing of them. Now, to understand why you should avoid this action we need to look at how you manage them in the first place.

If we say that you have 20 different accounts on Facebook, then in the ideal world you are going to have 20 different proxies with one being for each account. When it comes to managing them then you need to keep one single IP address being linked to one single account and you must always try to use that same proxy for an individual account.

Now, that is going to be impossible with a shared proxy especially where you just never know what is going on or when it is going to be closed down and blocked from those sites. As a result, if you then try to log onto that account with that IP then you are going to get absolutely nowhere with it and you may even have your account blocked and banned.

The only way around this is by using other alternatives with proxies especially private dedicated proxies where you are the sole individual that is using them on a regular basis. You know what they are being used for and also when they are being used. You know the number of requests that are being sent out by those types of proxies and when to stop with a particular website.

You just do not have that control with shared proxies. Your future is in the hands of other people and that is not exactly a strong position to be in when it comes to your marketing exploits. You want to be sure that you know exactly what is going on at any given time as you are then in a better position to judge what to do next.

So, as you can see there are positives and negatives associated with using cheap shared proxies for your online marketing activities. However, it is entirely up to you as to how you use them and clearly it is just going to be in your best interests to follow the advice and tips that we have included here if you are serious about being able to make a difference to your marketing and not just spend your life getting banned.

These proxies may be cheap, but they are still extremely useful if they are used in the correct way so you should certainly not just ignore them or think that they are completely pointless as that is certainly not the case. Use them but only when following these guidelines and you will find out that things are going to go a lot more smoothly than you may have initially anticipated.

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