Why You Must Use Private Proxies To Vote at Topsites

If you are familiar with the concept of websites that basically rank certain sites according various interests or industries such as Xtremetop100.com then you should also be aware of the need for you to use private proxies in order to just boost your standings on those websites. Now, if you are concerned at all that this is not exactly going to be playing by the rules, then keep this point in mind. These websites are manipulated time and time again, so if you believe that you are able to take advantage of them by doing things the usual way, then you are going to rather quickly discover that this is not the case.

People have been trying to play around with these websites and yet they will tend to do things the wrong way and then either give up or the damage has already been done and their main money site is then going to suffer. This is something that you have to avoid because this approach is all about how to increase your standing on these websites and, in the process of doing so, also increase awareness of your mere existence.

Now, considering the amount of traffic that these websites tend to get on a daily basis you can begin to understand why being as high up them as possible is going to be extremely important to your potential success. Surely anything that can help you in your quest to climb those rankings is going to be something that you are interested in learning more about?

What are Topsites All About?

Prior to going into reasons as to why proxies have to be used in order to help boost your standing on these websites we need to provide a better explanation as to what they are all about first.

These sites are like league tables where popular sites are at the top and then there is a sliding scale down to those that are listed on the website but are largely forgotten about. Now, people use these websites to help guide them towards those sites that are perfect for their needs so clearly they will have a tendency to just click on those sites that are near the top of the ladder.

From a marketing and backlinks point of view they are very important websites to be on and we recommend that you spend time adding your link to as many of them as possible due to the way in which it makes more people aware of your site. However, there is more to it than just putting your link on there.

To get further up the ladder there is a tendency for a website and the links to be voted for or liked and that is where playing around with proxies is going to be able to be put to good use. Look at it as being a website where people place so much trust in those sites with the most votes, so it stands to reason that the higher up you appear then the more visitors you will get to your main website.

Sound interesting? Well, it is certainly going to boost your business because getting more traffic is always going to be like the Holy Grail for website owners and these websites certainly have a role to play. However, it is not always as easy as it sounds and it is all linked to the way in which the votes are gathered.

Basically, people that go to the sites will vote, but the people behind websites such as Xtremetop100 limit it to one vote per IP and that is where there is a problem. Well, it would be a problem if you were not aware of the use of proxies that could help you out when it comes to you trying to vote.

So, Why Use Private Proxies?

Now, you might be sitting there thinking that it is simply a case of logging onto those websites and just voting for your own website, but as we just stated above that is not going to work due to the way in which you are going to be restricted according to your IP.

What this means is that we have to look at changing your IP so you can vote time and time again and boost your positioning to then reap the rewards of those additional visitors to your main website. How are you going to do it? Well, by using private proxies and there are a number of safety reasons as to why this is the only way forward.

For example, the point about the IP number is important because if you go ahead and use shared or public proxies then a huge number of people are going to be using the same number and that will always draw suspicion. However, that is not the case when you use private proxies as they are not in the public domain and nor are the IP numbers. In other words, you then appear as if you are a single individual logging onto these Topsites from wherever the IP is located.

What this means is that you can then go ahead and vote for your own website and move your link further up the rankings just by changing your IP via a number of private proxies and simply clicking the link. It really is as simple as that and yet the benefits that you can get as a result will certainly make it worth your while.

Also, it is important to point out that as you are just logging onto the different Topsites that are out there and where you are listed with an individual IP number that it is still going to come across as if it is completely normal human behavior as you are not going to be using a bot. This means that you are less likely to not only be discovered but to then have that IP banned as there is virtually no way in which you are going to make some red flags appear as a result of your activity.

Things to Be Aware of.

Even though using these proxies to boost your rating should be easy, there are still some important points that need to be discussed because you do still run the risk of doing something wrong and your link is going to be the thing that will suffer.

First, make sure that you do restrict the number of times that you vote because that is just going to raise suspicion and the owners of the websites will start to look into the IP address that correlates to the activity that is alerting them. This means you cannot just sit there and click to vote and not then follow through with the action and nor can you just vote repeatedly or else you will undo all of your hard work as a result.

Also, you should not simply log on, vote, and then leave again with you doing it in a matter of seconds. Once again this is going to raise suspicion and the website owners will be on the lookout for a bot being used due to the simple fact that this is not exactly normal human behavior. The key through all of this is to make sure that you appear to be completely normal and acting as a human would so doing anything that is abnormal is going to pretty much be a red flag on most occasions.

Finally, you should also vary the times at which you vote for your link and do not just sit there voting one after the other. You may wish to visit the various sites with the same IP address from the one single private proxy, but do not just vote on one site, change the IP via the proxy and then go back to the same site a minute later and repeat the process. This is another way in which the website owners may come to the conclusion that all is not as it seems and decide to take action.

So, when you are looking at boosting your rating on Topsites then you have to consider using only private proxies in order to do your own vote and get more people coming to your website. By doing so, you can artificially enhance your positioning by simply changing your IP address and the apparent location from which you are visiting the website from.

Thanks to this approach you will quickly see your link and website rising up the ladder and, as a result, you should expect a real increase in the number of people that are then going to be clicking on your link thanks to these websites. It is then up to you to make sure that the website that they are then going to is ready and able to deal with the influx of new people that is going to hit it thanks to you boosting your positioning on this particular genre of ranking websites.

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