Why Using Proxies for Twitter is Such a Good Idea

If you have not heard of Twitter before, then where on earth have you been? This has been one of the real success stories of the Internet in recent years and the outcome of that is that millions upon millions of people have accounts on there and it is an absolute goldmine from a marketing point of view.

However, even though it is so popular you will often find that it is all too easy for your brand new account to get lost in the midst of everybody else and you will often struggle to get your head above water. That in itself is often going to be pretty off-putting for a number of people, but there are things that you can do to really boost your main account on Twitter and we are not talking about buying fake followers either.

The Importance of Having Multiple Accounts.

Now, when it comes to Twitter you are restricted with the number of accounts that you can legally run from a single IP address without them starting to ban you and throw you off the website in next to no time. However, even though you are restricted in the number there are various reasons as to why you should want to go ahead and have multiple accounts and of course this is going to be directly related to marketing and being able to artificially enhance your main accounts.

The problem here is that this kind of activity is frowned upon and it is strictly against the rules of the website so clearly if you are found guilty of doing this then there is only one thing that is going to happen and that is that your accounts will be banned. However, they are only going to be able to take this action if you have used just a single IP in order to run multiple accounts so clearly one of the best things that you can do to avoid this is to change your IP address. The good news is that this is very easy to do thanks to using proxies.

You see, if you have multiple accounts on Twitter then you can use them to build larger networks and then link them all together by adding them, retweeting things, liking things and other activities that will then make more people stand up and take notice of your main accounts. As a direct result, you will then tend to see the number of followers increase without too much effort and clearly you can then go ahead and take full advantage of this from a marketing perspective.

Now, we are talking about you potentially running a substantial number of accounts and there are people out there that do this with almost 100 different accounts at any given time (as there is software to help with this). The key is in staying undetected and that is where the use of proxies really does come into its own.

How Proxies Help You.

For those that are not aware, a proxy is going to provide you with an alternative connection to the Internet and in the process of doing so it will also give you a different IP number to connect from. In other words, Twitter would then see you as being somebody completely different from before and treat you like another individual even though you are still sitting in the same chair in the same location.

By doing this, it opens up the possibility of you creating bulk accounts by simply having a number of proxies with different IP addresses for various locations and just going through the process of establishing new accounts from that IP. The cool thing is that you do not even have to really concern yourself with the technical side of things apart from knowing that proxies do change your IP and make you point towards somewhere else in the world and, as a result, you are going to fly under the radar.

You see, Twitter has software and tools that are designed to pick up on any form of abuse on their site and they are very quick at banning people and closing down accounts that they know are fake or are contravening their terms and conditions. Also, you have limits as to how many people you can follow in a day without raising suspicion, so clearly if you have different IP addresses with various accounts and appearing as if you are a new person, then you will not trigger off those alarms quite so readily.

This is great news for you because it does mean that you can spread your risk more thinly on the ground and build those networks with the same end goal in mind without those red flags appearing all over the place. However, it is not just simply a case of getting a proxy and setting up accounts as it is not quite as straightforward as that.

The Points to Watch.

Proxies are fantastic. They completely change who you are from the perspective of the website that you are visiting and they have no way of knowing that you are actually even using a proxy in the first place. However, if you are not careful then you can easily slip up and suddenly your accounts are going to be banned all over the place.

The reason for this is that people need to be careful as to which IP address is linked to which accounts or else suddenly an account from an IP pointing to Miami is now being opened from London (or an attempt is being made) and that is going to raise suspicion. In actual fact, Twitter could see it as a malicious attempt to open your account and block access so you can see how you are then making life hard for yourself.

In order to get around this problem you need to look at making sure you know the IP with the account and never stray from that. This is easy to do as you simply need to make a note and check it all of the time. However, one other thing that you also want to be doing is clearing those cookies on your computer before accessing a new account or that is something that they are going to pick up on causing you all kinds of problems in the process.

Buying the Right Proxies.

So, what proxies should you be looking at buying or using in order to create bulk accounts on Twitter or to manage multiple accounts? Well, there is actually just one option that is really going to be suitable for this and that is private dedicated proxies. With those proxies you can be sure of your IP and you also know that nobody else is using it and perhaps abusing the system and getting the IP blacklisted in next to no time. Also, things such as rotating proxies are going to change your IP far too often leading to Twitter wondering what is going on and if they are coming under attack so clearly they are then going to take action.

In other words, stick to private proxies as they create less of a headache for you and make life so much easier. You are in more control over your location (and we recommend sticking to certain key countries as well) and as a direct result you will be able to create even more accounts just as long as you buy those proxies in bulk to start off with.

If you are serious about marketing on Twitter then we strongly recommend that you go ahead and buy a number of private proxies and set aside time to create those accounts manually as there really is no other way that is going to work to the same extent. Also, the same proxies can then be used to manage multiple accounts and you will then be free to build the networks as you see fit just as long as you keep to within the limits as set out by Twitter themselves.

Proxies hide your original IP address and in the process of doing so it means you can then continue to use Twitter with your real IP and for your own account without having the fear of being banned at any point for playing around with the terms and conditions. Remember that Twitter is just one of many websites that have spent a considerable amount of time developing software to pick up on any unscrupulous activity that is of a concern to them and they must protect their interests at all times. That means they are only too happy to ban and close accounts on a whim and you certainly do not want to be caught up in that.

The fact that private proxies in particular are going to be very inexpensive to purchase does just make things so much easier for you and there really is no other option that you should be looking at taking at this point.

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