What to Do If Craigslist IP Blocked You

You may not be aware of this fact, but there are thousands of people having their IP address blocked on Craigslist every single day. This can be due to a number of different potential reasons, some of which we will mention later, but there’s no doubt that it is infuriating when it happens.

So, what we plan on doing is providing you with the information that you need in order to get around this issue. After all, why should having your IP blocked then be able to inhibit you and prevent you from using the website entirely?

Why Have You Been Blocked?

The problem with Craigslist, and the same with other websites, is that they all need to monitor their websites for what they see as unusual behavior. This is required to then allow the site to work more smoothly, at least in their eyes, and their immediate response is to suspend and block the IP of the account that they see as being suspicious.

This can happen if you are posting too many ads over the course of a day or even posting in the wrong area. Also, you can add in sending far too many connections from your one single IP as that alone is going to lead to some red flags.

But then, what does all of this mean? Well, if you use Craigslist for the sake of your business then there’s a very real possibility that they could effectively block you from operating simply because you have been too active. Clearly, this is not good for you which is why you need to look at a way around this particular issue.

If we go back to the region point then what Craigslist actually does is it uses your IP address to determine your location and where on their website you should be posting. For example, if your IP shows you are in New York, then you are not going to be allowed to post on the Los Angeles site without throwing up those red flags.

While that does help some people, what happens if your business requires you to market to more than one area? Well, that is where proxies come into consideration.

What You Need to Do When Your Craigslist Account is Blocked.

The first thing that we need to say is that you will be unable to have your old account returned to you. That is not going to happen no matter how much you plead with the website. Instead, you are advised to set up a brand new account as that will be quicker and easier.

One thing to mention is that if you are unable to get to the login page, then it means your IP has indeed been blocked. At that point, you will be unable to make a new account unless you do something to directly tackle the IP issue.

How to Get Yourself Unblocked from Craigslist.

There are actually three different ways in which you can be blocked on Craigslist. The first is a complete IP block. You know if this has happened if you are unable to access the website in any form.

Another way is an account block. This allows you to visit the site, and to browse, but your actual access to your account has been blocked meaning you cannot log into it. You know that this is the case when you can get to the website but unable to then do anything else.

Finally, we have account ghosting which is basically a shadow ban. You know if this has happened due to the way in which your posts really don’t work.

Dealing With An IP Block.

First, let’s look at dealing with an IP block. With this, the only way to get around this problem is to obviously change your IP address. The key is to never send all of your requests from the one single IP, and this applies no matter what you are doing.

Instead, time your different requests and route them through a series of different IP addresses to avoid detection. This can be done using a VPN or proxies set up specifically for Craigslist. However, thousands of people could be using the same VPN, so that may not be the best option.

When Your Posting Has Been Blocked.

It’s possible that you will get to a point where you try to post but then get a message that you have exceeded your post count for the day. Also, if you get this message then it can be an indicator that your account has been ghosted.

When your account ha sbeen ghosted, it means other people cannot see your posts, so you are effectively wasting your time. Dealing with this problem is easy. All that is required is to go ahead and register a brand new account and use a different IP in order to do so. Also, you need to stop doing the same actions that got your account ghosted in the first place so be prepared to need several accounts on different IP addresses.

How to Get the Most Out of Craigslist.

To get the most out of Craigslist then there is a need to be careful with your approach. For example, if you are looking at scraping Craigslist, then using a headless browser in order to do so is the best approach. This will make your connections appear to be unique in style. Also, using different IP addresses is going to be a good idea to further protect your accounts.

Using Proxies to Post in Different Locations.

If you want to post in different locations, then you need proxies to change your IP. This is important for those individuals that want to dropship products. In order to do this, consider the following approach.

1. Open different accounts in different locations according to IP addresses.

2. Time your postings to make sure they are spread out.

3. Never spam your ad.

FAQ’s About Craigslist Blocking.

1. How do I Fix IP Blocking?

This is easy. Either use a mobile device, change your ISP or use a proxy.

2. Will Craigslist Block a VPN?

This is entirely possible as thousands of people could be using the IP addresses that come with the VPN on any given day. In short, Craigslist bans VPNs on pretty much a daily basis, so they are at particular risk.

3. How Can I Stop Being Blocked?

First, don’t do anything illegal on the site to give them a reason. Next, don’t just post identical ads as that is spamming. Finally, mix up your IP addresses to avoid detection.

4. How Do I Get Unblocked?

The easiest way is to use a residential proxy.

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