What is Strawpoll Bot? How to Vote Multiple Times on Strawpoll

When you look at Twitter or Facebook competitions and giveaways, you may feel that there are some people that stand a better chance of winning and wish that you had the same chance. Well, one answer is simply that these people are able to use Strawpoll to their advantage, and that is what will make a huge difference to your chances of winning on a regular basis.

You see, what they are doing is using something called a vote bot, but things are often more complicated than you may have initially considered. However, allow us to explain things in more simplistic terms.

How You Can Vote On Multiple Occasions Using Strawpoll.

Let’s get one thing straight right from the outset, we don’t want to encourage people to cheat or be guilty of some kind of wrongdoing. Of course, carrying out online vote manipulation is not easy. It has been around since the very beginning.

Remember that, in the old days, you could vote over and over again without any problems, but then the people behind the votes realized that they were not giving an accurate picture. What now happens is that the people behind the votes started to pay attention to IP addresses to prevent people from repeating the actions over and over again. One such platform that has used this technology is Strawpoll, but then that is why we are looking at helping you to get around these restrictions.

So, if you want to vote on Strawpoll on multiple occasions, then you should want to do the following.

1. Make sure you change your IP address.

2. Always clear your browser cookies.

3. Log into a new account for every vote.

4. Place your vote and then repeat the entire process.

If you want to go ahead and vote thousands of times, then this would be a timely process. At that point, you need to use a bot that is able to do everything on autopilot. However, even with this there will be limitations that you need to work around to take real advantage of everything.

Gaining Unlimited Proxies For Those Online Votes.

First, if you are wondering as to the best types of proxies for obtaining a substantial number of online votes then the answer has to be residential proxies. This type of proxy provides you with the opportunity to have a different and unique IP for each account and, therefore, with every vote that you place.

If you have a different IP address, then the likes of Facebook will not see it as voting manipulation since they then believe that it is a different individual. This alone is a good enough reason for you to use residential proxies.

You see, proxies that are run via central locations, or even a VPN, is going to be detected by websites. This will then mean you should only ever use these options for the maximum of a couple of votes before they are then detected and banned. It will also mean that your accounts will be banned and you lose your chance of being able to get all of those votes.

Another option is to use your own list of proxies that are available in the public domain. However, they are actually useless and will be shut down before you have the opportunity to run your vote bot.

A Vote Bot.

A vote bot is going to automatically perform various voting actions while also doing it on a huge scale. An autovote bot is capable of doing all kinds of things from logging into different accounts, change the IP address and then go to a site, browse like a normal person and then click on a vote. Thanks to the actions, as well as the use of residential proxies, it does mean you are going to be unstoppable.

If you are able to do this on a huge scale it can lead to you placing thousands of votes at any given time. Thanks to the way in which these online votes can be easily manipulated it’s easy to see why various countries will not allow it as an option.

Using Votes on Giveaways.

If you are looking at becoming involved in giveaways with votes, then you increase your chances of winning thanks to using this kind of bot. This will include giveaways such as winning when you share it the most or getting the highest number of votes or interactions. Anything that allows you to generate more of those actions will clearly then be in your favor.

In fact, you may even have noticed that there are some people able to keep on winning these kinds of prizes and competitions. The secret is that they are using an automatic bot or perhaps they have a huge number of social media accounts. They then use residential proxies to change their IP and avoid being detected.

Using Proxies for Facebook Votes.

By using various emails, you can then have a number of different Facebook profiles, but you want to make sure that they appear to be unique. This will then allow you to build contacts, create more groups and populate them as well as generating more interest in whatever it is that you are doing. If you use residential proxies, then it also allows you to generate more Facebook votes and all without your activity being detected.

Our Conclusion.

Being able to manipulate votes is easier than you may have thought. Of course, it could be argued that the person behind the vote has the responsibility of making sure that the integrity of the vote is not up for debate.

It’s impossible to know how many people are messing around with these votes. If you use both residential proxies with a bot, then vote creators will find it almost impossible to stop you in your tracks.

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