What are Residential Proxies?

Before we dive straight in and get to grips with residential proxies, let’s start by offering a better description of proxies in general.

The easiest explanation is that it is a server that is existing between an individual computer and the Internet. Many actually prefer to see a proxy as being something of a middle man where it can also offer you better security by creating an additional layer of protection between your own self and whatever it is that you are trying to access on the Internet.

The Basic Idea of a Residential Proxy.

So, what about a residential proxy? This is also a middleman, but it uses an IP that is provided by an ISP rather than some kind of data center. This means it has an actual physical address, and the websites that you are checking out are able to locate you thanks to your IP address even if there were millions of IP addresses making a connection to the website at any given time.

But then, this ability to pinpoint a location causes problems. There are a number of examples where content and access is impossible due to a geo-lock. Also, certain actions can lead to your IP being blocked, so if you are scraping websites to gather together data, then you may find your IP being blocked in order to prevent you from doing that. If this does happen, then a residential proxy will be the easiest way to get around the issue.

Introducing the Residential Proxy.

As we said earlier, a residential proxy is linked to a real physical address. This could be a mobile device or a desktop computer. As it has a real address, it does mean websites see this as being a real person instead of it linking to a data center where they realize that all might not be as it seems.

But Why Use One?

There are numerous reasons as to why you would want to hide or obstruct your IP address. You may want to scrape websites, so need to hide your IP. You might need to have a number of accounts for the one site and need to have a different IP for each one. You may wish to get around that geo-lock issue or even use torrents where you don’t want to reveal your real IP address.

The key here is knowing that a residential proxy is able to hide that location by providing you with a real IP address. While this sounds good, there are other options to consider.

Residential Rotating Proxies.

Residential rotating proxies are different to other options in that they do not simply hide your single IP address behind one other IP address. Instead, rotating proxies are also known as backconnect proxies whereby they use a series of IP addresses rather than the one single option. As you send connections, the IP address that is used will change. In other words, your IP will differ while you are then able to send a number of requests without your accounts then being flagged for any kind of suspicious or unusual activity.

Think of it like this.

When you use a normal server, then each request comes from the same location. That location could then be potentially flagged for suspicious activity leading to the IP being blocked.

When you use rotating proxies, then it seems like a new person each and every time that the IP is changed. This makes it harder for websites to then determine that it is one single person undertaking behavior that they would have otherwise viewed as being suspicious.

How to Make Those Connections Via Rotating Proxies.

A quick search online will provide you with a number of free options when it comes to residential rotating proxies, but we feel that this is not the best idea. Instead, signing up to a provider offering a subscription plan is the best course of action.

In doing so, you will have a supplier you can rely on and where they are more capable of dealing with any issues that you could have. They are also more secure and offer faster connections, so your overall experience will be superior. Also, those free options can, at times, lead you to websites that may even hack into your system or steal your data. Is it worth taking that risk?

With various plans available to fit both your needs and budget, finding the perfect solution should be easy. This will lead to you having unlimited connections, threads and a wide variety of countries that will all be able to mask your original location.

All that is required from you is to go ahead and sign up to the correct plan followed by getting onto the dashboard. This will then give you access to a number of different options including the ability to add credits to your account should you need to do so. This will also include traffic on a daily basis along with the ability to add sub-users to your account.

However, to learn more, we recommend checking out our FAQs.

FAQ On Residential Rotating Proxies.

1. How do they work?

They operate in the same way as other proxies in that they send your Internet traffic through what is known as an intermediary server. This server is able to change the different IP addresses associated with you and then make it seem as if it is a brand new user. These proxies are different in that they use real locations rather than a central server.

2. How easy is it to buy them?

It’s very easy and you will then discover that it is far more inexpensive than you previously thought.  Also, we recommend using residential proxies due to the way in which it reduces the chances of you encountering a ban for your activities.

3. What is a rotating proxy?

This type of proxy provides you with a new IP address for every connection. It will then reduce the chances of you running into problems.

4. How do you use them?

You are able to use them on any device that connects to the Internet. It will also work on any of the major browsers without running into any problems.

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