Using Proxies for the Pokemon Go Bot: Why and Where to Buy?


Pokemon Go has gone crazy. It is official that people around the world are just mad for this game as they run all over the world trying to catch those Pokemon characters as the walk around in the real world. It is something that has exploded on the scene and really caught the imagination of so many people. In actual fact, in next to no time it had been downloaded more than 100 million times and that figure is only going to continue to grow.

However, here is the thing. People may love to play this game but there are also those that want to cheat a bit and that is where a bot is going to come into play. The one thing to keep in mind is that cheating and using a bot is not exactly going to fall under the allowed terms and conditions of the game so there is only one option available to you and that is to mask your real IP.

What is Pokemon Go?

Now, before we go ahead and get into the bot itself along with the reason as to why proxies are so important, we should perhaps quickly talk about the game itself just in case you have been missing out on this craze.

Pokemon Go is a game that has been released by Niantic and it is described as being a location based augmented reality game. It is available on both iOS and Android phones and it has been gradually released around the world.

In the game, you use the GPS of your phone to capture and train characters in order to level up and to then be able to access additional characters that you can then battle against. It does result in people playing the game as they walk around and it has certainly managed to get a lot of praise from various people. However, as with any game there is going to be a way around certain aspects of it for those people that wish to just get on and not be bogged down by the more mundane aspects of the game.

These characters protect various buildings and locations that do actually exist and there are various reports of people entering police stations and other buildings just to chase after them. It is a game that is unlike any other that has existed up until this point and it is being played by both children and adults alike around the world. The game itself is free although there are in-game purchases also available should you feel like taking it further.

However, we are not talking about that because we are focusing on playing around with the system and trying to take advantage of the game in a way that most people are just not going to understand or even know about.

How a Bot Can Help.

So, how can a bot help you with this game because, to the uneducated person, it is difficult to understand how it could make a difference when you are basically walking around and trying to catch those characters. Well, the answer is easier than you think.

The basic premise of a bot is that it takes the role of a trainer and this is going to help you to work through the lower levels of the game without you actually doing anything. Yes, it is a lazy way of working your way through this although it makes people want to just make progress like never before.

So, how does the bot work? Well, it takes control of your account and it carries out all kinds of activities on your behalf rather than you doing the hard work on your own. It is going to make you move around, it is going to catch eggs and hatch them and also visit various locations just as if you were doing it in person. However, in this instance you are not going to have to do the physical work yourself.

The thing about this approach is that it makes it look as if you are constantly playing the game and this is where you can then progress faster than ever before. However, here is the interesting part. The company behind the game has so far found it difficult to block the use of bots and that is good news for you.

Any Disadvantages?

This all sounds pretty good, but are there any disadvantages of using a bot? Well, some of them are going to require you to have some basic computing knowledge to get them working but this is not always the case. There is some installing required and if you are new to this kind of thing then you could run into a few difficulties. However, there is always the possibility of you being able to watch videos online that will explain things and make life easier.

But, there is one other thing to take into consideration and that is the simple fact that if the company behind the game does catch on that you are using a bot, then your account is going to be banned in an instant as it does go against their rules and terms of using the game in the first place. In order to get around this, we are going to discuss using a proxy but more of that in a bit.

So, How Does it Work?

The aim of the bot is to try to appear as natural as possible and as human like as it can. You are able to set various parameters such as the walking pace and even an actual geographical location. Once this has been set up you just let the bot work all on its own with you checking in on its progress at different times.

Furthermore, it is known that certain characters that have to be caught are in more exotic locations so by changing the location on the bot you can then access them. This sounds cool, but it does come with some dangers because it then becomes obvious that something is up when a player seems to be able to jump around massive distances in next to no time.

So, Where do Proxies Come in?

How do proxies fit in with all of this? Well, they are quite clever and the key is to make sure that you get around various problems that could lead to your account being banned.

In short, a proxy is going to allow a player to basically create their own Pokemon Go server and change the data of the game with them then being able to create their own legendary Pokemon which are always going to be harder to find. The key is that it is going to make the trainer appear as if they are better at things than they really are and this can only be done when the data that is being sent is being manipulated in this way.

Now, clearly this is not going to be something that the developers are willing to support and it has taken some time for these proxies to be developed in the first place, but there is no doubt that they do work with various proofs being put online.

In addition, a proxy and the way in which it then manipulates the data and server connections will also allow the players to choose items that they then receive from different PokeStops allowing them to get on faster with the game and make better progress in a shorter period of time. This would not be possible in the same time frame if it was not for the use of proxies as you are clearly talking about manipulating the system and proxies allow you to fly under the radar.

If you tried to do these things without proxies and using bots then there is every possibility that your account would be discovered as there would be too many instances of you achieving things that were just not possible in most situations. The only option that is then available is to see about banning your account and all of that hard work would then be undone in an instant. That is not exactly something that you want to happen which is why you have to protect yourself in this way.

It is surprising to many that bots and proxies for Pokemon Go already exist, but such is the popularity of the game that coders around the world have been hard at work creating them as there is a very real need for their existence. If you are planning on going down this road, then make life easier for yourself by using them to your advantage rather than just believing that because the creators have not really tackled the issue of bots that they will not do so in the future.

Bots and proxies make life easier and considering the relatively low cost it is certainly something that is worth investing in. However, do buy from a known supplier that can be trusted and who has direct experience of providing proxies for various uses.

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