Using proxies for Magic submitter

If you are thinking about submitting and spinning multiple articles, videos, blogs as well as press releases to a wide range of websites, that can provide you with hundreds of back links automatically, then you are possibly looking into the workings of the software by the name of Magic submitter. It is one of the most important automated software that you can find in the market, and places a very important understanding on how back linking can be done automatically.

For the people in the Internet marketing genre, you realize the importance of Magic submitter. After all, it’s some mission capabilities is one of the best amongst all the software that you come across. Given the fact that you would be able to generate hundreds of back links within seconds, it is also a powerful engine all by itself. In addition, it will keep on adding thousands of websites every day, thereby providing you with a solution of creating back links that cannot be countered by any other website within a certain period of time. So, what this means is that you would have, in your hands, one of the most important battle in creating software that you would be able to find in the market, and it is definitely going to work in your favor.

However, what is the one thing that can create a problem for this software? Well, it is not the hardware issues, but rather the need to get good quality proxy. Yes, when software of such a nature does work in multiple threads, hardware does play a very big part. However, even if you have a good computer with quality hardware, the absence of proxies is going to directly affect the number of submissions by this particular software.


If you look at the workings of the Magic submitter, you will realize that this is software that prides itself on auto submitting to a wide variety of platforms. Now, if a particular platform does not undertake submission, then this software will continuously start pinging that particular platform unless the IP is blacklisted. Now, this is not something that you would want, particularly when this particular IP address is your own, and you might be using it for a wide variety of other applications.

So, at this present moment, private proxies will be able to help you out. As soon as you start cycling through the private proxies on making use of the Magic submitter for submission, you would witness a wide range of diversification from within the software itself. It will be able to submit to thousands of websites at a single thread, and it will be done through total automation, and without your intervention of any sort. The best part about this particular software is that with the appropriate private proxies, it will be able to work wonders for your search engine optimization campaigns, and will not require any kind of supervision.

So, to make sure that you will be able to extract the best out of the Magic submitter software, it is always important for you to get some of the best private proxies in the market. Now, that is a task that is easier said than done. With the Internet being flooded by a lot of people claiming that public proxies are private ones and selling you without a chance of refund, it becomes a very important part for you to detect the fraudulent person from the genuine seller.

So, when purchasing private proxies, it is always important that you place emphasis on the reputation of the person selling the proxies. Ask questions if you are unsure about the proxies, and only if you are satisfied with the explanation and also about the refund claim, should you go ahead with the purchase. One can definitely see and understand a lot of people scratching their heads once they find out that the private proxies that they have been sold at public. So, it is always important for you to try and get them from a good supplier instead of being scammed out of your money. It is never a pleasant sight, so it is always important for you to exercise your due discretion before purchasing private proxies from new people.

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