Using Private Proxies for GSA SER

GSA SER is a famous backlink submission engine that is popular as it allows the client to set their guidelines. It appears from whatever is left of its adversaries as it does not job off is very own website database. That’s what make it dynamic and ensure that you don’t have to update the program all the time to make sure it stays relevant. Another advantage is that it does not have any submission limit, even though too many submissions can have you flagged. When used rightly, GSA Search Engine Ranker can be a very strong tool. Anyway, utilizing it righty can get you stick an unfortunate condition, which is likely considering its arcane elements and program.


How to Works

A baclink is a standout amongst the best kinds of search engine optimization. To give a support to your search engine optimization, what need is various quality and valid backlinks. GSA deals with this simple reason as precious should the backlinks, as much as easy. Notwithstanding, assembling these backlinks can be a period of demolishing procedure, which likewise includes determination and fortunes.

Perfectly, what you will need to perform is to find an automated way to accomplish this, but you will have to perform it without accumulating any back hat penalties or spam flags. This is where GSA Search Engine Ranker comes in as it is essentially a mechanical link submission tool and scraper. Where other rival program would need you to build and submit a manual list of websites, GSA Search Engine Ranker will let you come up with one using the program. The database is not remarkable, it is every changing. Any website that is designed or dies will be deleted automatically. Similarly, when a website is scanned that will make a ripe focus for backlinking, it is included to the list mechanically.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Settings

Okay so, you have launched the program. In this first part, we will see setting of the program. So we click on Setting > button.


The window setting is divided in 5 parts.

Submission window in program first, you can set up threads number you want to use. You have to set this choice in function of your CPU and number of proxies. For instance, if you have fifty proxies, I advise you to use hundred threads. And the second part of this window, is proxy options.

Proxies are one of the important to right use GSA Search Engine Ranker. You have to have semi-private or private proxies. I advised you use minimum ten proxies. I applied private proxies for program. You can apply public ones for other choices.

You can click on Configure button to include your proxies. I truly advise you to disable automatically search option because most of proxies found by this way are wrong.

Nest part is for Captcha. As you know, captchas are true problem for link building. And for GSA Search Engine Ranker you have to have best captchas software or services. I advise you GSA Captcha Breaker as it is program and onetime fee. It can damage more than 80 percent of captchas.

Next option is Indexing. To get success, a baclink need to be indexed. So you have to set an indexing service. For my part, I use Instantlinkindexer which it is extremely perfect. But you can also apply GSA SEO indexer which it is perfect too. If you make backlinks but if they are not crawled, they will not successful at all.

Now, let’s work on Filter options. These settings are truly vital to reject to make backlinks on wrong domains or blacklisted domains. I advised you to use settings like you can see on my screen.

And lastly we have advanced options. The most vital settings on this screen is for build website lists. As you know, GSA Search Engine Ranker will find targets to make backlinks. You can save these goals for future projects. I advise you to build verified lists.

How to make the campaign


Now, we can make the campaign. To make the campaign we click on New Button. On the left part of the display, we have all platforms supported by GSA Search Engine Ranker. It has many kinds of platforms, such as Guestbooks, Web 2.0, Directory, Forum, Blog Comment, Article, etc.

The platforms you will choose depend on the kind of backlinks you want to make. In our example, we want to make quality backlinks. So I click right and Check All and I click right again and I select Uncheck Engines. And you can view that just some platforms are chosen.

Now you have to fill the settings of GSA Search Engine Ranker campaigns. You have first to enter your site address. You can use root and variant URL options to varie your backlinks.

Second vital thing is keyword. I advise you to enter your own keywords and uncheck these 4 options to just use your keywords.

And now the most vital part of the screen, the Anchors part. You have to select here the anchor text for your bakclink.

Now, we have to enter site data, such as site title, description and category. All these options need to be spinned to reject duplicate content.


Private Proxies for your GSA Campaigns

When selecting the right type of proxy for your GSA SER, it is vital to check a few things before planning on your proxy service providers. For mass linkbuilding automation, you should be alert that you don’t need dedicated proxy, shared proxies can extremely well do the work for you. It is also vital to check if your selected proxy affects the performance and speed. Ideally a best proxy service should better your full reliability and speed.

It is equally very vital to verify with your proxy service supplier if they have a big range of proxy from numerous different geographical place. Make sure that your proxy service provider supplies you with 1000s of proxies spread across 100s of different C-Class IP Address.

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