Unblock Instagram with a Proxy

Did you know that Instagram blocks a huge number of individuals on a daily basis? Perhaps you go onto your account and find that you are either unable to gain access to it in general or certain aspects of your account simply do not work. What you need to then do is to unblock Instagram, and that is best to involve the use of a proxy.

Why Instagram May Block You.

There are a number of reasons as to why Instagram may block you and being aware of them can help you to work around the reasons and stop it from happening. Their website is set up to identify what they deem as being unnatural behavior on their website. If they see something that, in their eyes, is suspicious, then it throws up a red flag. This red flag may eventually lead to a ban or a block.

This can occur due to you posting too often. It may be the result of blasting out too many likes or repeating the same action over and over again. It may even be thanks to different actions on different accounts being run from the same IP address.

No matter the reason, this can then lead to Instagram taking action on your account. In some instances, it may result in not only your account being blocked but also your IP address. If this is the case, then you will be unable to open a new account from that same IP address as that will throw up even more suspicion.

Is a Proxy Really Required to Unblock Instagram?

One of the first things to realize is that Instagram has different types of blocks, and some of them are more action blocks rather than it covering the entire account. This may lead to you being blocked from following or unfollowing as well as uploading or being able to participate in Instagram stories.

If you discover that you have been hit with one of these blocks then you don’t actually need to use an Instagram proxy. Instead, all that is required is to either wait it out for a few days or carry out some other actions that then make your account appear to be normal. After a period of time, the account blocks that have been put into place will be automatically lifted. That will then lead to you having full access to your account.

How You Can Unblock Instagram Using a Proxy.

If you log onto your account and discover that you are unable to access it, then you will need to create a brand new account. There is no other way to recover your existing account.

Where the problem lies is that Instagram has more than likely banned your IP address. You cannot simply create a new account using that IP address as it will lead to you going around in circles. The only way in which you can counteract this is by changing your IP address as only then will Instagram feel that it is a brand new person that is behind the account.

A proxy is the only option available to you. It changes your IP address, and if you use several proxies then it means you will be able to have a number of accounts on Instagram.

But then, a quick search online will throw up various options for proxies, but you cannot simply choose the first one that you see. Instead, we recommend you using high quality Instagram proxies that are both secure as well as reliable in nature. These proxies are specialist options whereby it appears as if you are using a desktop or mobile device as if it is a single person. Other proxies use central hubs and Instagram then blocks them very quickly.

What you need to remember is that a datacenter is never going to have a social media account linked to it. Is it any surprise when Instagram then goes ahead and blocks it? They see that there are thousands of connections and requests being sent from the one single source which lets them know that all is not as it may initially seem.

Our Conclusion.

Using Instagram for various business reasons should not mean that this is all then brought to a halt just because Instagram has decided to block you. These proxies are designed to allow you to not only get around these bans but to then make sure that they never happen again.

Using these proxies does not require any specific knowledge or technical expertise. However, if you use Instagram as part of your marketing, then these proxies allow you to even expand on your marketing by allowing you to run multiple accounts from a different IP address each time. In doing so, it allows you to expand your market, grow an ever increasing number of contacts and make your business a whole lot easier to run, and it’s all thanks to specialist proxies.

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