Top 10 Residential, Backconnect & Rotating Proxies for Web Scraping

Let’s face it, web scraping has a tendency to be quite difficult especially when websites have become better at identifying when individuals are doing something that is against their terms and conditions. What it means is that the IP address that you are operating from is going to be restricted or even blocked. That alone is going to have a major impact on your ability to carry out the desired actions.

If you want to scrape websites, then the only way in which you are going to be able to correctly do things is by using the perfect approach. This means you should use the likes of residential proxies, backconnect or rotating proxies or various other IP rotating options as that will prevent your own personal IP from being exposed or banned.

This issue is going to be even more important when the scrapers are using a data center because the entire place could then be blocked. It will often be the case that various IP addresses will be blacklisted. So, what we have here are 10 options that you should give some serious consideration to when it comes to web scraping.

1. Scraper API.

This is a tool specifically built for developers who are looking at building their own web scrapers. It also deals with proxies, browsers and even deal with CAPTCHAs. The cool thing is that it does mean you no longer have to deal with your very own proxies as it has access to thousands of its own proxies via its center while it provides you with access to proxies that are provided by over a dozen different providers.

It then uses smart logic to route things in such a way so as you are not identified or your IP banned. This tool can be used to scrape millions of pages a month.

2. Smartproxy.

This option has over 10 million rotating residential proxies while it also provides you with locational targeting. You might also want to be aware of their flexible pricing to fit in with your own needs. They always have rotating proxies, sticky sessions, random IP addresses and geo-targeting.

With Smartproxy, you get unlimited connections and threads. They will then charge you by bandwidth with prices varying from $3 to $15 per GB depending on the volume. With 24/7 support,  low failure rates and fast response times, there are a whole host of positive reasons as to why you may consider this tool.

3. Luminati.

Luminati has a rotating list of some 40 million proxies, which is pretty impressive. Their list pretty much covers a residential proxy in every city in the world, which is cool. Also, they can provide you with a wide range of services from datacenter proxies, rotating proxies and also mobile versions. What all of this means is that you can even connect via Chrome or any other browser making life a whole lot easier for you.

With Luminati, you can also throw in header generations, proxy manipulations, and also CAPTCHA solving included. For price, then they do have a pay per proxy option starting off at $0.6 per datacenter and also $12.5 per GB.

4. Microleaves.

You will discover that Microleaves has over 26 million residential proxies available at any given time, and this is one of the biggest pools around. There are also no limits when it comes to bandwidth which is a cool additional extra.

When it comes to the rotating proxies then you are allowed to change them every 5 minutes. This is substantially faster than other providers. The only downside is that it does cost $5 a month for each proxy if they are worldwide. However, if they are in the US then the cost is $10 a month.

5. Geosurf.

With Geosurf, you get access to premium residential proxies and at prices that are between $8 and $15 per GB. Their plans can be expensive with them starting off at $300 per month, but you do get quite a lot for that price.

6. Oxylabs.

With this company, you get access to both residential proxies as well as data center options. This is the perfect option for data extraction carried out on a large scale. There are over 30 million IPS available with them coming from over a dozen different countries. This company is more expensive than others, but the quality of their proxies cannot be mistaken and they are perfect for even helping with scraping those more difficult websites.

At the same time, the company will work with you to find those perfectly clean proxies that will make your scraping a whole lot easier. Also, their support is known to be very good, so they can help you through any problems you may have.

7. Netnut.

When you check out what Netnut has to offer, you will quickly discover that they can provide you with an impressive list of residential proxies. They will also provide you with the option of geolocation according to countries and sticky sessions. You have access to both load balancing and proxy rotation along with a 7 day free trial. Their prices vary from $3 to $15 per GB depending on volume.

8. Proxy Rain.

With Proxy Rain, they actually lease proxies from other networks while they are also able to route requests via IPS to then avoid those bans. The quality of the proxies cannot be mistaken even though the prices are not that competitive compared to others.

9. Intoli.

This smart proxy service has a large pool of residential proxy options available to you. Their system allows for an automatic rotation policy on their IP addresses that happen with each request. At the same time, you can reuse a proxy if you want to.

They charge prices starting from $20 per month and that this then provides you with 5GB of bandwidth. If you then want more bandwidth, then the prices stay the same. If you have any failed requests, then they will be automatically retried while their algorithms prevent detection at the same time.

10. Blazing Proxies.

The proxies provided by this company are fast and also inexpensive since they only charge $2 per proxy per month. If you are looking for rotation, then it can be done every 10 minutes which is worse than some options out there.

You will also be given unmetered bandwidth at a speed of up to 1 Gb/s. They only have some 8000 proxies which is smaller than most, but they are quality proxies. The only other issue is that a number of their proxies are banned from various websites, but if you are looking for a cheap option then this is perfect.

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