The secret to creating and maintaining multiple Facebook accounts: Facebook proxies

There is absolutely no question about the popularity of Facebook. When it comes to people indulging media, the interactions and the timeframe for the interactions are increasing on a daily basis. If you have a look at the latest statistics, it shows that at least 60% of the people in America make use of some form of social network. It could be for the prime purpose of keeping in contact with near and dear ones, or simply for marketing their products.

Yes, there are various products that could make use of the highly targeted traffic in Facebook, in order to gather support for the product as well as witnessed a massive boom in its sales. There are also other aspects of using Facebook, particularly by a new breed of content managers as well as search engine optimization marketing divisions. However, just like investing, it is very important for you to not have all your eggs in a basket. Facebook has certain rules and guidelines, and if those are broken or you don’t toe the line, you end up losing your only Facebook account. Well, it is what this particular hazardous situation most of the content managers and marketers make use of multiple social accounts just so that they would be able to harness the power of social media while promoting their products. A massive amount of data can be found out by going to the analytics, and understanding about the massive posts and advertising budgets. However, just like Facebook frowns upon having multiple accounts, they see red when the same IP address has multiple Facebook accounts. That is a warning sign, and the simply end up banning the IP address. So creating a new account from that particular IP address becomes a no-go. Under such a situation, Facebook proxies tend to save the day.

The rampant use of Facebook proxies

One of the main reasons people try and avoid the hazard of public proxies is that they are always under circulation and very frequently blacklisted by Facebook and all the other social media websites. So, creating multiple accounts from those IP addresses are only going to last you for a little while. Sooner or later, that account is going to get close, and you would lose all the hard work and effort that you may have put into building up that account. Rather, it becomes imperative to you to make use of Facebook proxies, proxies that are primarily dedicated to work for Facebook. One word of caution though; it is always important to you to exercise your due diligence when using the proxies. You never know, but unless you get such proxies from a good source, you might get your account banned within no time. There are also people that can monitor your network if they have an idea about the proxy. You could lose more than just your Facebook account.

There are proxies farms that can take to the subscription, and give you a lot of proxies will be able to work real time with your needs to get a lot of Facebook accounts made. However, it is very important that you look into changing your password as soon as you make your account. This way, you would be able to get rid of the susceptibility that you normally feel on making use of different network. It is just like using a public Wi-Fi, and do not try and input all your sensitive information under such a network. It will come and bite you in your backside.

Difference between public and private proxy

One of the glaring differences can be found within the name itself. Public, as we know is free for one and all. You would be able to make use of these proxies in order to create your own account, and since it costs nothing, it seems that you are getting a good deal. However, what is rarely mentioned is that these proxies are normally provided by the anonymous proxy servers which are free of cost but seldom provide any kind of guarantee against your privacy. In fact, it is the true owner of the proxy that will be able to see the traffic and also collect sensitive data that may not be found by anybody else. This can result in sensitive details going in the hands of the wrong people.

Private proxies on the other hand are only used by a limited amount of people, and as the name goes, they are private. They have unlimited bandwidth, and you would be able to get access to several social media websites and create multiple accounts since these are not spammed. This is one of the simplest ways in which you can create multiple accounts on Facebook.

Using dedicated proxies

Well, if you have a good enough budget, and you are one of those robust SEO and Internet marketers, then going for dedicated proxies will seem to be just the thing for you. You will be able to use the dedicated proxies, which are only for your use to maintain 100% anonymity, and operate your social media accounts with the full safety and consideration associated with dedicated proxies. You would have the ability in order to engage the social media create multiple accounts in Facebook, Twitter, or for that matter any other social media websites and you would prevent your accounts from getting banned pretty easily. That is, unless you take to doing some controversial things that could result in your account being banned. With the dedicated proxies, you will be very easily able to create multiple accounts that can be extremely useful for the marketing talent. With the dedicated proxies, it would also help in the benefit of back linking by providing comments on blogs and websites that are to do with the product that you are advertising through your social media accounts. The best thing about using such proxies is that would be able to easily analyze the behavior of your consumer while at the same time garnering accounts that will help you in order to fulfill your Internet marketing goals.

Benefits of using Facebook proxies

Time saved: With dedicated Facebook proxies, the one thing that you get is a guarantee, that these are proxies that are specifically catered for using in Facebook. What this means is that you have an umbrella, a shield that will enable you to create multiple accounts with the help of such proxies without having to find yourself being flagged for owning multiple accounts. Even when your competitors try and bring it to the attention of Facebook, the proxies would make it seem that it is an individual computer; thereby you need not have to worry about any persecutions by them. This way, you will be able to have multiple accounts on Facebook.

Effectiveness: Since these are Facebook proxies, so they are pretty effective. You would hardly ever get any kind of problems while using. Moreover, they are extremely good in terms of access to the network; thereby there are absolutely no problems when making use of them for your creation of multiple Facebook accounts.

Unlimited bandwidth: If you have a look at the current proxies market, you will find that it has been flooded with cheap proxies that are almost always shared. What this brings to the fore is that these proxies do not have access to unlimited bandwidth, which could otherwise create a very disturbing Internet browsing for you. More than not, you are going to feel frustrated as opening the accounts from your multiple proxies can prove to be a very big problem for you.

Compatible software: With the innovation in the programming world, there are now compatible software that will be able to get all your Facebook proxies, and be able to change them as and when necessary. Such software can be customized to your needs, and they can hold a list of all the proxies that you use along with the specific profiles that it is used for. This way, it becomes a big relief as you need not have to worry about remembering the proxies that are used for a specific account. Managing multiple accounts through Facebook proxies becomes a breeze for you.

Additional revenue: The bone of contention between the people that understand Internet marketing and those that don’t is that they feel it is extremely hard. Rather, it is pretty easy once you get to know about the nitty-gritty of the Internet marketing world. Using Facebook proxies ensure that you would be able to make multiple accounts which will transform into additional revenue for you.


People spend all their lives trying to find out solutions to inherent problems that can easily be solved if they rack their brains. Similarly the problem of maintaining multiple Facebook accounts and even creating them can be solved with the help of Facebook proxies. All you now need a reliable supplier that can take care of your proxy demands.

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