The Importance of Proxies for Snapchat Bots


Snapchat is a relatively new app that is taking the world by storm. It allows you to send messages and images to people around the world and then it is actually deleted seconds later. This clearly has a number of different advantages to it but rather than just using the app to talk to friends and family, this is also an app that is being used by marketers as a way of connecting with people.

It is believed that Snapchat has a total of 150 million people using it every single day and that is a number that is continually growing. Also, the majority of users appear to be below the age of 35 and these kinds of figures and facts are going to be very useful to those people that have something to market. However, using Snapchat for this purpose, and the way in which you have to send out messages, is going to mean that you will run into various problems. You need multiple accounts to really make this all work and for that you need two important things, a bot and proxies.

Why Bother with Snapchat?

But here is a question that needs to be answered before we go any further, why even bother with Snapchat?

Well, considering the huge number of people that are now using this app it does mean that it is an amazing place for marketing purposes. By building contact lists on various accounts it means you are able to get your message out there to a number of people in just a few clicks and as it is the buzz app of the moment it does mean that you are able to jump on that particularly exciting bandwagon resulting in more awareness of whatever it is that you are promoting.

However, it does take some work on your part in order to build networks but in order to make life easier for yourself we recommend that you use a bot to really take control.

Why a Bot?

Here is why you need to use a bot when you are looking at using Snapchat for marketing purposes. Adding friends to various accounts takes time. Sending message out on a large number of accounts is also going to take some time. The question here is whether or not you have that time to go ahead and do all of this because the chances are that the answer here is going to be, no.

So, as you do not have the time to do this then you have to employ a bot that is able to do all of these actions on your behalf. A Snapchat bot can easily be run to add people and to schedule the sending out of messages so you can get on with other things without having to be too concerned about all of this stuff going on behind the scenes. A bot frees you up and allows you to then go ahead and add more accounts to your network but that is going to involve the use of proxies or you are going to make life harder for yourself and potentially lose all of your accounts in one fell swoop.

In other words, you need a bot to be able to do the following:

1. To run multiple accounts at the one time.
2. To add friends to those various accounts without having to do it all manually.
3. To send out mass messages via the accounts.

What we are saying is that a bot for Snapchat is the easiest way to take advantage of the app but as we said earlier you have to be careful or you could lose your accounts.

Why would you lose your accounts? Simply because running multiple accounts and sending out marketing messages on products or CPA offers is going to be against the terms and conditions of the app. If you are doing this on a regular basis then the only option that Snapchat is going to have when it comes to dealing with you is to ban the accounts. That is where proxies come into play as we will now discuss.

The Reasons Why You Need Proxies.

When you are looking at using Snapchat for marketing purposes then the one thing you want to be able to do in order to really spread the word is to build up a large following. Now, doing so is not going to be easy so you have to do anything you can to make your life that little bit easier. Because of this, we recommend having multiple accounts set up but, of course, this is something that is pretty much against the terms and conditions of the app.

To get around this problem we recommend using proxies in order to create various accounts and, at the same time, this will also be able to protect your main account from being shut down as you can use your real IP to run that account as normal and use proxies for your marketing accounts. It is always going to be safer to keep these things separate for your own sake or your real IP will also be banned leading to all kinds of difficulties and issues for you to contend with.

However, by using a proxy, you will be seen by Snapchat as coming from a completely different location and it will appear as if you are a brand new user with nothing to link the accounts together. This then frees you up to do whatever you want with that new account without having to worry about what is happening with your main account that you will just be using for normal interactions with your friends.

This happens as a proxy is going to refer to a particular location that is different from your own. Depending on your supplier you will be able to choose countries and we do recommend sticking with countries such as the United States, Canada, or the UK rather than the likes of Nigeria or India. Some countries are just associated with spamming and activities will have a tendency to be picked up on quicker than other countries so do keep that in mind if you want to potentially extend the life-span of the proxy.

Also, as you are creating multiple accounts for marketing purposes it does also mean that if you do not use proxies then Snapchat is going to be able to link them together thanks to them coming from the same place of origin and you will then find that all of those accounts are going to be banned in an instant. Just imagine the work that has gone into building potentially 50 or more accounts only to see them vanish in seconds.

In other words, the only way to proceed with this approach to marketing on Snapchat is to make full use of a proxy. Anything else is going to be too dangerous and lead to accounts being banned in next to no time.

What Type of Proxy?

We also need to answer the question of what type of proxy are we talking about here because clearly there are a number of options available to you. What we recommend is to purchase private dedicated proxies simply because you know that they have not been used before and they are clean. A shared proxy is going to be used by a number of people and it could have already been banned on Snapchat as the proxy itself comes with a new IP number and it is that IP number that they are going to pick up on and block from their systems.

However, what we also recommend is that you use a different proxy for each account and that is why you need to buy in bulk as there is a pretty good chance that you are going to be running various accounts in order to take full advantage of the potential marketing opportunities that exist on this website. Buying in bulk is inexpensive although you should make a note of which account goes with which proxy so that everything remains the same throughout the duration.

Proxies are easy to use and, the most important part of all, they are also very effective at what they do.

So there you have it. Using proxies with a bot for Snapchat is the only way forward because without both of them you are going to be spending far too much time doing things manually and unable to focus on other, more important, things elsewhere. By taking this approach, you are providing yourself with several more layers of security and the opportunity to build more accounts should some be closed down thanks to the activities that you are undertaking.

Finally, just remember that you should look at primarily using private proxies for this purpose as shared proxies may have already been abused for this very need. By going down the private proxy route, you will be making life so much easier for yourself in the long run.

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