The Advantages of Using Proxies with a Kik Bot


If you are looking at marketing via Kik, along with a huge number of other people, then you are going to require various accounts to really allow you to take full advantage of the vast number of people that use this particular messaging app on a daily basis. However, doing this is going to have its disadvantages because clearly it is against the terms and conditions of the app to run a number of accounts at the same time and they are going to really frown upon using those accounts for marketing purposes and effectively spamming people.

Now, that may sound slightly off-putting but here is the thing. There is a way around it.

The way around it is to use both a bot as well as proxies as this is going to ultimately mask your original identity and in the process it will protect your own account from being banned. Clearly this is going to be advantageous to you but we have to look at how both the proxies and the bot work to really stress why they have to be the way forward.

What is Kik?

First, we have to look at what Kik actually is and you will quickly discover that this is a messaging app that works pretty much in the same way as Facebook messenger. Kik has over 300 million users and that number continues to grow so clearly there are a wealth of opportunities there for marketing purposes.

In order to take full advantage of the app you are going to have to build contacts. You are then able to send a variety of messages to everybody at the same time so you can imagine how this is going to be rather useful when you have something to promote to them.

Using a Bot.

So, why would you want to use a Kik bot? The answer to this is very easy and it is all to do with the way in which you need to run multiple accounts at the same time to really expand your potential market that you are going to be targeting.

Some people will have a huge number of accounts on this app so they can build a larger following and stay under the radar. These accounts can then be used to put out key marketing messages but can you imagine how long it would take you to run even say 20 accounts and adding friends etc? It would just take too long and you are going to find it difficult to do anything else as all of your time is going to be spent just building accounts.

However, that does not have to be as difficult as it seems. Instead, you can use a bot to make life so much easier as a bot is going to automate all of this on your behalf with it then freeing up your time to do other things elsewhere. In other words, a bot will add friends, manage accounts, and even send out messages via the accounts and you can set all of this up so that it does run automatically. Thanks to this bot, you will then be able to get on with other things knowing full well that your Kik bot is working on your behalf.

As you can imagine, using a bot makes your life so much easier because you can set it up to do whatever you want and then know that it is going to be working away on your behalf. Think of it this way, you can spend an hour setting up a bot for various accounts and then it is going to do your entire days work for you. How much time is that going to free up because of that? Also, as you are going to be running a number of accounts at the same time it also means that you increase the chances of getting the outcome that you are hoping for from the various people that are being added to the different accounts.

But here is another important point that is worth remembering, using a bot might sound as if it is going to be difficult but that is not the case. Instead, a Kik bot is able to be used by anybody and if you are still concerned about it due to you needing to use a proxy alongside it, then there is no need as that is also something that does not require any specialist knowledge to take advantage of it.

Why Proxies are Important.

We have already said how you need to run multiple accounts to be able to take full advantage of Kik but that is going to lead to all of your accounts being banned if you do not take precautions and hide the fact that it is just you that is running all of those accounts at the same time.

To do this, you will need to use a proxy and in actual fact we recommend using a proxy for each account so if you have 50 Kik accounts then it is going to mean that you need 50 different proxies. Now, setting up a proxy is easy especially when you buy them from a reputable supplier. They are inexpensive although we do recommend purchasing just a handful until you can test them with different campaigns and various accounts. This is where you are able to then learn from your mistakes before buying even more proxies for running things as you want them to.

Also, proxies do not require any specialist knowledge for them to work and that is a major bonus for most people. You are more involved in marketing and using CPA offers so the fact that you do not have to sit there and study how proxies and bots work does take some pressure off your shoulders. The main thing to know is that they do work.

You have to remember that a proxy is going to mask your original IP address so it then makes it seem as if you are a completely new person from a completely different part of the world and yet you are sitting in the same chair looking at the same computer as you do for every single account that you run. This is very important because you can then run all of those accounts and yet they come across as being separate entities. If one is banned because of your activities, then the other accounts that you are running will be safe as it does appear as if there is nothing to link them together.

Choosing the Correct Proxy.

So, how do you choose the correct proxy? Well, if you know little about them then it is important that you choose the correct type of proxy or else you will make things tougher than they need to be. For example, you might feel like trying a shared proxy but that is something that we would not recommend. The reason for that is because anybody is able to gain access to this type of proxy and there is a tendency for it to then be abused. There is every chance that somebody has already used the proxy for the same kind of reasons as you are looking at using it and, as a result, Kik have already blocked that particular IP.

If you cannot use shared proxies, then what is your best option? Well, we feel that private proxies are the only way for you to proceed. A private proxy is something that is just owned by you so you are fully aware of not only the IP address and its apparent location but also that it has not been used by anybody else for any other purpose.

In other words, by using a private proxy that is just going to belong to you it means you have much more control over how it is used and also when. You need to remember that one of the keys to running a marketing campaign such as this from various accounts and staying under the radar is to appear as if you are just running your account in a normal fashion. A proxy that is shared with others is not going to be able to provide you with that ability so you will certainly run the risk of having your accounts banned before you are able to even get things going.

If you are serious about using Kik for marketing purposes and to promote your various CPA offers then the only way in which you can do it safely is by employing both proxies and a bot. By doing so, you eliminate the possibility of your account network being disbanded even though we do accept that accounts will be banned from time to time simply because of them being reported for effectively spamming people. However, as you have protected yourself in this way you can simply replace the account, use a new proxy and then start all over again. It really is as simple as that.

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