The Advantage of Using Proxies for Pinterest

It is going to be pretty much impossible for you to have never heard of Pinterest and from a marketing and business point of view it is one of those websites that you really need to be on in order to make any kind of headway in your particular industry. However, as with any websites such as this it is always going to be rather tough for you to get started and to stand out from the crowd so clearly you need to take certain actions just to make life that little bit easier for yourself.

So, what do you do?

Well, one answer is to create multiple accounts, but if you just go ahead and try to do this normally then clearly you are going to run into a problem as this is not allowed, so how do you get around this issue? The answer to that particular question is by using proxies as we will now explain.

Creating Multiple Accounts and the Problems.

Pinterest basically has it that you are restricted to the number of accounts that you can have that are linked to the one IP. In case you were not aware, the IP number is related to the way in which you log onto the Internet and it is also linked to your location. So, by changing your IP it means that it comes across like a completely different person from a different part of the world even though you are still sitting in the same place.

Now, that might sound rather complex and we understand why this is the case. However, the truth of the matter is that things are not as difficult to follow as they may initially seem.

You see, people will use multiple accounts to boost their main account in the process by making it far more popular than it really is at any given time. This may be seen as faking it until you make it but it is an approach that will certainly make a real difference to how you are viewed on the website.

Each account can be used to increase views, shares and pins as well as building improved networks that all then lead to your main account being seen by an ever increasing number of people. As you can imagine, this is going to make a huge difference to the speed at which you can grow your network on there and from a marketing point of view this is going to hopefully lead to more awareness.

But, there is still a problem.

In order to continue to avoid detection, as this is against the terms and conditions even though you are not exactly attacking the website just manipulating the system, you need to be aware of the type of proxy that you are using in order to create those multiple accounts.

For example, you need to look at purchasing private proxies so that they are not out there in the public domain because using shared proxies is just going to lead to the website picking up on the IP being used by various people at different times and it is hardly going to look natural to them and like normal human activity.

This means that we strongly advise you to use those private ones or else you may come up against another obstacle before you can really begin. Private proxies are certainly better than using backconnect or rotating proxies in this instance because you want the same IP to basically match up to the same account and that is not the case with either of those options. With those, your IP is constantly changing so once again you would be making life more difficult for yourself.

Setting Up the Proxies and Making Those Accounts.

Now, if you are new to the concept of using proxies then you are probably going to be quite confused as to what to do or how you can then use them in order to make those accounts. Well, the good news is that you can basically forget about the technical side of things because all of that is taken out of your control.

To access the proxies then you have to go through your supplier and we will look at how you know that the supplier can be trusted later as this in itself is rather important. However, you will have to go ahead and change your IP to the number that is provided by the proxy as that is the address that is then going to be used to access the Internet.

After this, you are going to have to then go about setting up emails and then the Pinterest accounts one at a time and as we said elsewhere you need to make sure that you know which proxy goes with which account as continuity is absolutely everything.

Now, there is no way of actually speeding this part of the process up but at the same time it is going to allow you to manage multiple accounts and boost your main account as you see fit. However, there are still several key points that you have to focus on and keep in mind to save yourself from running into problems with the proxies and your accounts. After all, you do not want to put in all of that effort only for things to be scuppered at the last minute.

Problems to Avoid.

First, you need to keep on top of the proxies that you are using and even though we have mentioned this before it is such an important point that it is worth talking about again. Anything that comes across as being unnatural and unhuman is only going to lead to you being banned anyway and there is a tendency for Pinterest to link accounts together and there could easily be a mass ban happening at the one time.

Next, you have to remember about your cookies and even though some say that you should stop them from being put onto your computer in the first place it actually works better if you just clear them before you change the proxies. Pinterest is going to pick up on the cookies already being there and this will always end up being a bit of a red flag.

Also, you have to keep an eye on where the proxies come from as the supplier is going to actually lead to you either having proxies that work or those that are just not up to scratch. Of course you have to be sure as to where you are getting them from as they should have their own website or at least have messages posted on forums related to marketing simply because you can then check up on whether or not they have a good reputation.

You have to remember that you are going to be dealing with a number of accounts at the one time so you have to be sure that the proxies can deliver on what they promise. They should be secure, they should be fast, and they should be powerful enough to allow you to set up your accounts in next to no time.

Finally, you need to think about even just the location of the proxy because Pinterest is going to frown upon those IP addresses that tend to point to certain locations that are often linked to some activities that they would rather not have on their website. This kind of information is going to be found on the proxy and the supplier should also be able to help you out with giving you proxies that are at locations that you are looking for.

Now, this may sound as if you are putting too much effort into getting things right and that the location would not actually play that big a role, but that is actually not the case. You have to remember that websites such as Pinterest have among the best software in the business for this kind of thing and they will take action to protect their interests whenever they feel that they are being pressured into doing so. In other words, it is always going to be best for you to be careful and check the location and the quality of the proxies that you use or else you will only cause problems for yourself.

So, if you are looking at creating multiple accounts on Pinterest then the only option that is available to you when it comes to doing it safely is to use proxies. By doing so, you can easily imitate a number of different people coming from various locations and avoid triggering those red flags that are put into place in order to stop individuals from creating multiple accounts.

However, as we said earlier you need to be aware of the proxies that you end up using for each individual account so that everything continues to match up together or you will just make life that bit harder for yourself in the process.

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