SmartProxy Review

Smart Proxy is best for unblocking various streaming sites while it is also relatively inexpensive compared to several other companies out there on the market. They specialize in providing rotating residential IP addresses while they have a number of different plans available at any given time.

When it comes to size and scale then you have over 10 million proxies to choose from. They also provide geo-location that covers some 195 different countries. Throw in a 3 day trial period where you can cancel your purchase if it’s not up to the kind of standard you were expecting.

You will also discover that they can be used for social media websites and accounts while they will also be useful for buying sneakers thanks to the reliability and speed of access. Also, their proxies are all residential and they have been shown to be that bit harder to block or even detect in the first place.

With Smart Proxy, you have a number of different plans available to you and the lowest one starts at only $75 per month. The second costs $200 a month while the third is $400 a month. You should know that the level of traffic that comes with the plans increases with the price.

However, if this sounds like a lot, then you may like to know that they also have eight different tiers. This will include a price as low as $3 per GB which is pretty impressive although that does come with the Enterprise model which costs $3000 a month.

The company also offers very good customer support and are able to provide you with help should something go wrong. This is standard and applies to any plan, so don’t worry about thinking you would be excluded as that’s not the case.


They offer you a number of different options when it comes to the payment side of things. First, you can use Paypal while your credit card is another option. Finally, you can use Bitcoin which is not something that is as widely used as you may have initially expected.

Overall, Smart Proxy does offer you a substantial amount of features even with the lower priced plans where you do get a real bargain. They provide you with everything that you would expect including anonymity, security and complete support. Reasonably priced, their proxies are also exceptionally fast with different studies showing that this company is right up there with the very best.

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