Scraping with Amazon Proxies: The Key Points That You Need to Know

If you are serious about selling your products on Amazon then the one thing that you need to do beforehand is your research, but there is a problem. The problem is that Amazon is the biggest Internet retailer in the world by some distance so the competition that is on there is pretty much always going to be vast. Also, trying to uncover key market information that could make a difference to your ability to make a mark on the website is pretty much impossible if you try to do things the old-fashioned way.


However, it does not have to be like that.

Instead, there is a better, and faster, way of uncovering all kinds of useful information that could make the difference between you being seen on the website or just vanishing into the woodwork and wasting all of the hard work that you have put in up to that point. That method involves scraping information from Amazon and by doing so you will be amazed at the kind of details that you will be able to uncover basically at the click of a button.

The Key Reasons Why Scraping Amazon is so Important

Now, you are probably sitting there trying to work out why you should go to the apparent hassle of scraping a website for various details, but let us explain something.

Say you are looking at selling your own products either on Amazon itself or even on your own website. There is going to be competition out there no matter which option you are going for and here is the problem, you need to know what other people are charging to make sure that you are not overcharging or else where are your sales going to come from? By scraping Amazon you are able to find out how much people are charging for individual products allowing you to then set your own prices at a rate that is not only attractive to customers but still capable of providing you with a profit.

However, it is not just with selling products that this approach can prove to be useful.

Perhaps you are aware of companies that are actually your direct competition. It makes perfect sense for you to want to find out what they are doing, what they are selling, and how much they are selling it for. You may even feel like you have to find out what people are saying about the products via reviews as it then allows you to better organize your own approach resulting in you hopefully selling more products.

Once again, this is something that can be easily achieved by scraping Amazon for the information that you want. In next to no time you can find yourself sitting there looking at your competition and getting to grips with all of that juicy and precious information that just allows you to create the perfect marketing plan for your own needs. Now, can you see how this would prove to be helpful for you?

Furthermore, you may be interested in reviews of products for the sake of your own marketing on your very own website and where better to look than Amazon? On there you will get verified purchasers making their feelings known on a wide range of products and yet how can you search for all of them without it taking forever? The answer is by scraping.

All of this sounds pretty cool and we are sure that you are more than aware of how you could put this information to good use, but there is one other thing that we have to talk about before you go ahead and start scraping that information. That important thing is the use of Amazon proxies.

Using Amazon Proxies to Stay Safe with Scraping

The reason why you need to use Amazon proxies to carry out a successful scraping hunt is simply to stop your account from being banned as that will just stop everything in its tracks. You see, the scraping software that has to be used is going to make a huge number of access requests in a short period of time so it can pull all of those details out and present it to you.

This huge number of requests is going to throw up some real suspicion if they all come from the one single IP address. In actual fact, if this happens then Amazon is going to automatically think that you are trying to attack it, as they do have those safeguards in place, so they are going to then take action to not only protect their site but to come back against you.

Also, Amazon are not that happy about the concept of scraping. They feel that the information that is gathered by this process is only ever going to be used by those people that are just slightly unscrupulous in their dealings even though that is not always going to be the case by any means.

Anyway, the crux of it all is that if you are caught scraping data from Amazon thanks to you not using Amazon proxies then you are going to get banned.

Now, the very thought of being banned is surely going to make you think about what you can do in order to prevent that from happening as the benefits of gathering all of this information far outweighs the potential problems that could occur if it is not done correctly. This is where the proxies play a role because when they are used it means that each request is made via a brand new IP so no two are alike. This makes it seem as if it is a completely different computer, or person, making the request so you float along under the radar and avoid being banned.

Sound good? Well, it is but you do have to take a few other important points into consideration before you go ahead and start using them as there is a very real need to have the correct tools in place with your proxies before you even think about scraping any data.

Using Amazon Proxies in the Correct Way for Scraping

In order to scrape Amazon effectively then you need a specialized tool that will do all of the hard work for you. This tool stops you from sitting there and manually going through the website from start to finish as you can set it up to do what you want and then sit back and wait for the results to appear.

The problem here is that there are several scraper tools out there on the market and it is fair to say that some are better than others. Also, there are some scraper tools that can cost you a huge amount of money and even though this could be seen as an investment, you still want to know that they are worth the money.

Now, in addition it is important that you use the tool correctly because some individuals think that as this automates things then they do not have to worry about anything. Well, that is not the case because Amazon actually look out for bots via their own software, so what is important is to make sure that you do things in the correct manner or you will still find that you are banned.

To counteract this, and to avoid that banhammer, you need to make sure that the scraper you use varies the speed at which it operates. Think of it this way, is there any point in you using a tool to mimic your own behavior and yet the scraper is making 50 requests per second? That alone is going to set off alarm bells and get you banned.

Furthermore, if the scraper does the same action over and over again then this is also going to make Amazon feel as if something is not quite right. In other words, the scraper tool has to add in some variation to how it gets the information or, once again, you are going to be banned in next to no time.

Perhaps the final main point to make regarding safe use of a scraper via Amazon proxies is the length of time that you spend using it. There is no way that you should use this kind of thing for an extended period of time at the one go because the key is to look natural.

The Final Points Regarding Amazon Proxies

The final points to mention with using Amazon proxies for scraping purposes is to make sure that the IP numbers are rotated. Amazon looks for the same numbers being used time and time again and then sets out to ban them, so you need a scraper tool that has access to a huge set of IP numbers to make sure that this is not an issue.

Also, it is advisable to only use the scraper tool when you are actively searching for key information and details. Anything else is just going to use up time and increase the chances of you being discovered by Amazon which is pretty pointless if there was no need for you to be using it in the first place.

Scraping Amazon for information that will help you to beat your competition is easy to do thanks to Amazon proxies. However, it is best to be careful with your approach or you may find yourself running into difficulties which is why taking your time to discover the best scraper tool for your needs is absolutely essential.

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