Rotating Proxies: Getting to Grips With Them and Their Benefits

Rotating proxies have been around for some time and yet for most people they have never encountered them or thought about how to use them to their advantage. This is a bit of a problem for most people because they are missing out on something that is going to make life so much easier and it does not require any specialist technical knowledge in order to get them to work in the first place. So, if you have never heard of them before or are perhaps confused as to what to do, then this is going to explain things.

What are Rotating Proxies?

First, let’s look at what we mean by rotating proxies and to be honest the name does generally give the game away at least to a certain extent.

With a normal and straightforward proxy server you end up changing your current IP for one other IP address and that stays the same no matter how long you use that proxy and what you are using it for. Now, for a lot of people that is going to be adequate as it does mean that you are pointing towards a completely different location and that can often be enough to protect you.

However, in all honesty that is often not going to be enough and it is all because of the way in which the websites that you are scraping for data go about trying to identify those proxies by focusing on the number of requests that are coming from a single IP address at any given time. In other words, no matter what you do it is going to require a lot of luck on your part to avoid being detected, at least for a considerable period of time.

So, what is the difference with rotating proxies? Well, the answer to that should be pretty obvious although it is slightly more complex than it may at least initially appear.

With a rotating proxy your original IP is still masked so there is no need for you to be concerned about that part. However, the IP that you then end up using is going to change on a frequent basis in a rotating fashion, hence the name, and that is where things can begin to get rather interesting and useful for you.

Now, that does mean that your activities are not going to be tied in to just the one single IP address as it is with the normal types of proxies whether they be shared or private and as you can imagine you are then going to run the risk of coming into contact with a number of potential problems. Those problems could very well derail your entire approach to the way in which you scrap information and data from websites although we will look more intently at the advantages of using rotating proxies later on.

Understanding How They Work.

So, if we look at how these proxies work then you will begin to get a better idea as to why they can be so important for you to use especially when you are looking at mining a considerable amount of information and data at any given time.

Now, by logging onto the proxy system it will of course mean that your own IP is going to change and that is always going to be a good thing. However, it is what then happens next that is often going to prove to be the game clincher for those people that then go ahead and decide to use these types of rotating proxies.

So, instead of your IP staying the same, the idea of the server that uses rotating proxies is that your IP is changing on a regular basis as you send out the different requests. Now, this is clearly going to be a major advantage to you and it is important to stress that it is not going to have an impact on how you are able to run the proxies in the first place. In actual fact, you will be unaware of the changes that are going on as you run your scraper software so it is best to leave all of the actual technical side of things to the people that run the rotating proxies in the first place.

The Advantages of Using a Rotating Proxy Provider

Already you should have some kind of an idea as to the advantages of using a rotating proxy provider when it comes to you doing any kind of scraping or trying to uncover different types of information from the Internet. However, it is useful to just go over them once again in order to make life that bit easier.

1. It means you are less likely to have your IP banned.

The important point to remember is that your original IP address is still going to be protected at all times as that is hidden from the moment that you log onto the proxies server. This does mean that you can go ahead and run your software in any way that you wish and can feel safe in the knowledge that you will still be able to then go and connect to the Internet as you see fit when you are just browsing online normally.

2. You avoid limits.

All of the main websites that you end up actually trying to scrape are aware that people do this so they have obviously taken steps to limit the potential damage that can be done. In order to combat scraping (which they see as being a potential attack by a bot on their system) they have placed limits on the number of requests that can be sent out from a single IP at any given time.

The problem here is that often the software that you run for scraping has a tendency to throw out a huge number of requests at any given time and you are going to normally end up smashing through those limits in next to no time. It is then just a case of wondering when they are going to ban you.

That is where rotating proxies come into play because the simple fact that the IP that is sending out the request changes on a regular basis means you avoid hitting those limits with a single IP. In other words, it is more likely that you will then be able to fly under the radar for an extended period of time unless you do something else wrong.

3. You have more anonymity.

Often you are going to be wanting to stay anonymous when you are scraping for information especially when you are using proxies to learn more about the SEO practices of your competition. Well, using rotating proxies is going to provide you with an even greater sense of anonymity due to the way in which it is difficult to trace what is going on and who is involved in it due to the way in which it is constantly changing.

Now, from your point of view this is going to be rather cool as it does mean that you are free to carry on as you were and there be no need to worry about the potential consequences in the same way.

4. They are still inexpensive.

There is some concern that using rotating proxies is going to cost you a lot of money and even though they are more expensive than shared proxies they are going to cost you less than you expected. However, the way in which you can scrape more information in a shorter period of time and avoid getting banned so often does mean that they are certainly worth the money. Remember, this does just apply if you buy from somebody that has a reputation for providing quality proxies within the industry.

What we are saying is that if you are wanting to do something to reduce the chances of you having your IP banned due to scraping information from various websites or trying to manipulate systems in your favor to help with your marketing, then using rotating proxies is going to be the way forward. They change your IP address, they offer you a high level of protection and as long as you buy from a reputable supplier then they should be quite fast and powerful enough to handle any number of requests that you care to send out.

Rotating proxies are cool and the best thing is that they work. If you have never played around with them before then now is the time as they are easier to understand and operate than you think. Indeed, you just have to leave all of the technical stuff to the people that own the rotating proxies in the first place and you are just going to have to focus on the information that you are trying to pull together and what you are then going to use for it. As you can see, rotating proxies are easier to understand than you think.

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