Proxies to purchase for Wicked Article Creator

If you have heard about the Wicked Article Creator, then chances are that you have actually been able to work in the Internet marketing world for a long time. After all, this is phenomenal one click software that will be able to help you create articles, and spin them at a word level, thereby making them sound unique. However, one of the things that you realize about such kind of articles is that they only work best for the web 2.0 profiles or even lower tier back linking necessities. So, if you think that the article is created by this particular software can be compared to the one written by humans, then you still have a lot to learn.

So, what are the things that can be done through Wicked Article Creator?

Well, you can scrape content from the database all across the Internet. There are millions of article directories that you could possibly access, and you can get the articles according to your preferred keywords. Wicked Article Creator can scrape over 200 articles for a single keyword, so you would have a majority of content already written down for that particular keyword.

After the scraping work is complete, you will be able to spin the content so as to make it sound unique. It can be used for back linking purposes, or even for commercial content or to ensure that you could possibly get an idea about the keyword. Whatever is your reason for spinning the article, the Wicked Article Creator has a one click button that will be able to help you achieve that at a macro level.

The next thing you can do with the Wicked Article Creator is to build your content. The scrapped articles can all be joined together, and you might be able to create a mammoth article that is going to help you in your back linking purposes. You would also export or import into the software, and that in itself is going to work out wonders for you. Yes, you can also add videos or images in the article itself with the help of the software.

So, why is there a need for private proxies in Wicked Article Creator?

Just as you have realized, the primary purpose of Wicked Article Creator is to create articles by scraping them from the directories. Now, the directories have a very simple policy. It will allow you to scrape for articles for a particular keyword if done within a set period of time. You simply cannot go about bringing the article directory for keywords from a particular IP address at all times and expect it to provide you with the appropriate information. Chances are that if you do so, you would have your IP address blacklisted within no time.

That is why, the creators of Wicked Article Creator have mentioned to make use of private proxies in order to get it working perfectly. What the proxy does is to mimic a new system after a few minutes, thereby ensuring that the Wicked Article Creator will be able to scrape the data that is necessary in accordance to the keyword and it would not be able to become blacklisted by the article directory as it is now perceived to be from a different entity. The public proxies can be rotated with the help of the Wicked Article Creator itself, thereby there is no need for you to manually enter each and every private proxy that you purchase. However, when working with such software solutions, it is always important for you to purchase a bulk of private proxies on a monthly basis.

Now, lies the question about your purchasing prowess for private proxies. Find a supplier that has been around for quite a while, and asked for trials. If you are satisfied with the network connectivity upon using it in some other SEO tools, only then purchase in bulk from that particular person and use it for your Wicked Article Creator. Chances are that if you follow this path, you are definitely going to make heavy inroads into creating your own Internet marketing campaigns, and within no time, witness a landfall of revenue.

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