NewIPNow Review

When you turn to NewIPNow, what you are looking at is a company that offers shared private proxies at exceptionally cheap rates. Of course, the fact that they are shared proxies does mean that you have no idea what else is going on with the IP address that you are using, but that does mean that they should perhaps be viewed as being a bit more of a crash and burn proxy rather than something that is viewed for the long-term.

Their Proxies.

With their proxies, you have access to both HTTP and HTTPS anonymous proxies, so at least your own individual security will be protected via their products. They do take the security side very seriously, so there should be no concerns on that side of things.

When you sign up for their products, you will also receive a special 7 day money back guarantee. What this means is that they will happily give you back your money if you are not happy with the service, then there will be no problem in getting your cash returned to you if you simply tell them that this is the case.

Where They Can Be Used.

Even though you are looking at shared private proxies, it does mean you can use them for a wide range of things. They are perfect for scraping data, creating social media accounts, going on Craigslist and sending emails. In other words, they are pretty flexible which is also good to know and at only $1 per IP, it’s not going to cost you a lot of money at any point.

When it does come to the point of making that purchase, then you can use either Paypal or 2Checkout. After completing it, you will then discover that you get instant access allowing you to go ahead and start using them straight away.

When looking at their proxies, they only provide them in locations in the US, Europe and Canada. However, that in itself will be enough for the overwhelming majority of people.

Their Customer Service.

With their customer service, you will need to submit a ticket and they will then get back to you. They are not the fastest out there on the market, but they will get around to sorting things out if you have just a little bit of patience.

Overall Conclusion.

The services that they offer are limited, and the way in which they focus on shared proxies may put some people off giving them a go. However, they don’t charge a lot, so you have little to lose by signing up and checking out the speed and uptime to see if it will be suitable for what you have planned.

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