Luminati is a company that offers residential proxies, and with their years in the industry it has meant that they are capable of providing you with quality proxies without breaking the bank. They actually offer more than 36 million IP addresses, which is pretty impressive, and they actually run the largest collection of proxies anywhere in the world.

The proxies that they offer cover 200 different countries or regions while their background is in offering services to businesses and companies around the world. They have the knowledge and expertise that does make choosing them the logical thing to do.

The Pros of Luminati.

This company is viewed by many as having the fastest proxies in the world, which is quite a claim to make. They also state that their proxies are never blocked or banned and that is also a huge thing to say.

With unlimited bandwidth mixed in with a reported 99% uptime along with a very low fail rate, it should make you feel that they are extremely reliable. Their wide range of pricing plans will also make it easy for you to find one that is perfect for your budget.

The Negatives of Luminati.

While there are a number of positives associated with Luminati, all is not as perfect as it could be. For example, their dashboard is viewed as being rather complex and not as clear as it could be. Also, there are other companies out there that offer just as much without their prices being as high. Unfortunately, their email support is also viewed as being a bit slower than it should be, but then this is partly due to their popularity.

What They Offer.

This company offers three different options when it comes to the type of proxies that are available via their platform. These options are residential, mobile, and data centre and they have IP addresses in over 26,000 cities around the world, so you really do have the ability to find an IP no matter your own individual needs.

Of course, if you are planning on using these proxies for scraping, then you want something that is fast and reliable. With Luminati, that is not going to be a problem as various tests have repeatedly shown that their proxies are right up there as the fastest in the world. Overall, Luminati have spent time building up their reputation, and they are not going to let you down. They have a wide array of plans to choose from and even though they are not the cheapest, the quality of what they offer is something that cannot be underestimated. With so many different proxies available via their dashboard, you will be able to get the perfect solution for your needs.

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