Is it Safe to Use Shared Proxies on Instagram?

Making it big on Instagram is not easy thanks to the sheer size of the website and the number of different accounts that are on there. It takes something special for you to stand out from the crowd from the get go because, in all honesty, you can easily blend into the background if you are not careful.

In order to counteract this, a number of marketers will play clever and run multiple Instagram accounts in order to use them to increase awareness of their main account by making it appear to be a lot more popular than it is at the start. Think about this as being along the lines of that ‘fake it until you make it’ idea and the crazy thing is that it actually does work.

This is certainly an approach that works as people are aware of just how popular this is and the way in which people can search for things that they are actively interested in. If you have a product or a service that is then going to be tied in with a certain market, then being on Instagram is a quick way of boosting your popularity and doing so with those people that are pretty much ready to go ahead and spend money.

Now, we do admit that this sounds like a lot of fun and you are probably sitting there thinking of various ways in which you can take advantage of this.

However, there is a problem.

The problem is that Instagram are not that happy about people having more than one account on their website. In actual fact, it is not allowed although that is not going to stop the people that are clever enough to understand how they can manipulate the system. Now, the cool part is that this is not going to be as difficult or as technical as you think as it involves the use of proxies to make it all possible but a simple explanation is going to be in order.

What do We Mean by Proxies?

A proxy is basically a fake IP number that you can use in order to log onto the Internet by changing your IP address at home or in your office. You see, as you sit there reading this you have an IP number and it is going to be related to where you are located in the world.

Or that is the theory at least but the reality is often somewhat different especially when you look into the different types of proxies in a bit more detail.

By using a proxy it means that the likes of Instagram will look at the IP that is linked to an account and believe that it belongs to a person that is in the location as stated by the number. So, you can be at the opposite end of the country according to the IP number and yet you have not moved an inch from your desk.

Now, this is rather cool and it opens up the possibility of you to have various email accounts that are then used to create an Instagram profile and there is no reason why you cannot end up with a vast number of them in next to no time. However, you do of course have to make sure that you use the same IP for the same account each and every time or you will only make life harder and increase the chances of Instagram being alerted to what is going on and banning you.

But there is something else that we have to discuss and that is the difference between shared proxies and dedicated proxies because knowing the difference is going to help you when it comes to safety. Now, in order to stay under the radar it is important that you follow the next pieces of information closely simply because it can really be the difference between your accounts being live for a considerable period of time or them being shut down pretty much instantly and your IP being banned as a result.

The Difference Between Shared and Private Dedicated Proxies.

When you look at proxies there are going to be two types, shared proxies and private dedicated proxies. Now, both will change your apparent location due to your IP, but there is a major difference between the two types and this is something that you need to be aware of.

First, shared proxies means that you are using the IP number along with an unknown number of people, but even though you have no way of knowing how busy that IP address is the one thing that you can be certain of is that it is busy. Alternatively, private dedicated proxies means that it is your proxy number that you can use so it looks much more like one single person accessing the Internet and various websites.

Now, as you can imagine both proxies do change your location as that part is all the same but there is a major difference for you to be aware of and not taking notice of this difference could have a detrimental effect on your ability to run multiple accounts.

The difference between the two to be aware of is that with a shared proxy it is more likely that you are going to end up being detected and then banned and that is clearly something that you want to avoid at all costs. In actual fact, the likes of Instagram are only too aware of these shared proxies and there is a theory that they even know the IP numbers so if you pop up using one of them then that account is going to be banned pretty much straight away.

However, the same cannot be said about dedicated private proxies as they are the safer option and something that cannot be detected in the same manner. There really is no other option that you should seriously consider if you want to stay under the radar and not run into various problems with your multiple accounts.

Why Shared Proxies are Not the Way Forward.

To understand why shared proxies are not the way forward when using Instagram you just have to remember what the website itself has said regarding the use of proxies and having multiple accounts. To really sum it all up as quickly as possible, it is not allowed under any circumstances.

In actual fact, they have software and technology that is designed to just search for people that are not humans and using bots or those that have fake accounts and are using them for alternative purposes. One thing that they use is an IP search and if the same IP number keeps popping up and it is linked to different accounts, then you can be sure that Instagram are going to block that IP number and ban any account that has been accessed when it has been used.

Now, here is another problem.

When you are using a shared proxy you have no idea how many people are perhaps using it to access Instagram. To be honest, there could be hundreds of people so how long do you think that this proxy is going to be allowed to be used in order to access the website? The answer is not very long at all and you certainly do not want to be caught up in the fallout when Instagram starts banning people all over the place due to their links to that IP number.

Remember, when you are using multiple accounts on Instagram you are going to be doing so for marketing purposes and to promote something. You are using various accounts to boost your popularity so you want to be intelligent with the way that you go ahead and do this. The last thing that you want to do is to make it blindly obvious that you have been breaking the terms and conditions as that is only going to lead to one conclusion and it can all be traced back to you using those shared proxies.

So, as you can see there is just no way in which you should go ahead and use shared proxies to access Instagram because in the process of doing so you are going to be putting your entire Instagram experience in doubt. They will pick up on you using a shared proxy and can then start to piece together different accounts that are clearly being operated by you. As a result, all of the hard work that you have put into developing the accounts can be undone in an instant and you will curse the day that you used a shared proxy rather than the safer alternative which is the dedicated private proxy option.

Remember, the key is to stay under the radar so consider investing more money in those private proxies as you will avoid detection for much longer than you ever thought possible.

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