Is it Safe to use Private Proxies with Multiple Facebook Accounts

It does not matter which type of business or industry you are working in, there is no doubt that you will be aware of how effective Facebook is when it comes to your business. Basically, you need to be on there if you want to be taken seriously, but of course when you have a website that is this big and with so many different accounts on there then it is all too easy for you to be swamped by others and vanish into apparently thin air.

Indeed, you may have experienced this kind of thing before and one way that people seek to increase their exposure is by running different accounts that can, in effect, help to spread the word of your main account simply by building friends lists and then using that as your own marketing tool. This is something that has been shown to be extremely effective over a period of time but once again we are faced with the problem of Facebook putting limits on what you can do as well as limit the number of accounts that you can have on their website.

From a marketing and business point of view this is going to be a problem, but thankfully for you there is a solution and that solution is to create multiple accounts. However, prior to going into this we have to stress that according to the rules and regulations of Facebook, this is something that is against their terms and conditions and could, in theory, lead to your accounts being banned.

Now, we understand that this could result in you feeling as if you should give up before you have even started, but that is not the answer. Instead, the answer is to use private proxies to help with both the setting up of the accounts and then to continue to run them over time. This is a fail safe method that can be employed and you will then be free to carry out your own marketing plan or promote your products depending on what your intentions are by trying to manage multiple Facebook accounts.

Why Private Proxies are Key.

First, we need to stress why private proxies are key to all of this and we have to really point out that we are talking about private dedicated proxies and not shared proxies. Using shared proxies means you are using the same IP number as a lot of other people and this is going to lead to the proxy not only being banned by Facebook but also each and every account that has been created and logged into with it.

You see, Facebook is actually very advanced as they have technology and software that has been created in order to catch out those individuals that are trying to circumvent their rules. They do not take kindly to people doing this and the result is that they are only too willing to ban people as and when they find them. If you are crazy enough to use a shared proxy then in all honesty it is just going to be a question of when you are banned instead of wondering if it is just going to be a slight possibility.

So, what’s the difference with the private proxies?

Well, basically it is only going to be you using it and that means it looks as if it is a completely unique individual that is operating an account. Also, each proxy has a different IP number and the IP number is related to where you are located but then the proxy that you use has a different location from your real physical one hence Facebook not knowing that you are operating the different accounts.

This is pretty impressive stuff and the best part is that it is also very easy to operate. Before you go to log onto the Internet you can go into your settings and change the IP number that you are using and type in the number that comes with the proxy. You will also want to remove any cookies that are stored on your computer as that can show that something is wrong and it can ultimately lead to some red flags being waved at your account.

Remember, what we are talking about here is a dedicated private proxy and as you can imagine this is the best option when it comes to Facebook proxies in general.

The key word here is ‘dedicated’ as it means that it is a proxy and IP number that is now unique to you. This is by far and away the safest way of doing things simply because of the way in which only your online activities are going to be recorded on there rather than there being an influx of requests from the one single IP number. Companies such as Facebook will always be alert to things such as this which is why you have to steer clear from not only shared proxies but also any provider that is rather hesitant in trying to prove to you that what they are offering is the real deal.

Using that Proxy.

We just said that you have to change the IP number before you log onto the Internet, but full instructions as to what to do may be provided to you by the person that is selling this service. Alternatively, there are several cool guides available online for this very purpose and you will quickly see that there is no need for you to be a technical whiz to get it to work. In actual fact, simply being able to follow instructions is all that is required which should come as a relief to you. Remember, you are probably more into marketing rather than the technical side of things and the fact that it just takes seconds to change things over does mean that life is going to be pretty easy for anybody using a private proxy.

Location is Key.

So, we just mentioned that the location is very important with the dedicated proxy and we have to explain in a bit more detail why this is something that you cannot just ignore.

You should by all accounts make sure that the location of your brand new proxy is corresponding with the location that you say you are at when you create the account. There has to be some kind of similarity about the two or else Facebook are going to question what is going on and it could make life harder for yourself in the process. Remember, the entire reason why you are using proxies is to fly under the radar when you are not supposed to manage multiple Facebook accounts, so you have to play it safe at all times or else life will get rather tricky.

In order to find the location of the IP number that you are planning on using for your Facebook marketing exploits you can either get the information from the actual supplier or, alternatively, look up the number on any website that can search the IP and tell you where it is located. This information can then be used to your advantage when you are creating that brand new Facebook account.

So, in order to really use these proxies you have to log onto the IP and clear your cookies. Only after that will you then venture to Facebook in order to open the account that you wish to create and make a clear note that a certain IP number or proxy is in use with a certain account. This is something that you have to keep an eye on as it is very easy to let things slip and in this kind of game one mistake can lead to huge consequences if not handled correctly. However, in most instances it is going to be difficult for your accounts to get banned on Facebook if you just take your time and make sure that you are careful in what you are doing.

In short, it is completely safe for you to go ahead and use Facebook proxies in order to manage multiple Facebook accounts, but at the same time you need to remember which proxy goes with which account if you do not want to make a mess of things. In addition, you must stick to a single proxy per account as opening too many and doing so just one after the other is going to make it a bit more obvious that the account is not being used in the normal manner.

However, as long as you appear to be completely human in your use of the website there is going to be no reason for you to suspect that you are going to be banned at any point. If that does indeed happen then there is a pretty good chance that it will be down to something that you have personally done wrong rather than it being the fault of the private proxies that you have been using.

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