How to Use Proxies for SoundCloud Plays

SoundCloud is fast becoming one of the most popular websites for people to upload their music and to begin to build an audience and fans that love what they hear. In all honesty, think about it like a better and more up to date version than Myspace because even though there are some major differences it is still similar enough for the comparison to be drawn.

However, when you have a website that has so many different artists on there with so many albums and songs to be played in every musical genre that you could imagine, then you have a problem. That problem is trying to get yourself heard and there is something else that you may not know and that is the fact that SoundCloud will tend to push those songs that have had the most plays. To be honest, in that sense they are similar in their approach to YouTube and the way that they promote certain videos on the home page.

So, if you want to make a bit of a splash on the website then it is clear that you have to take steps in order to increase the number of plays that your songs are receiving, but that takes time to do it organically. Also, there are blocks in place that means you cannot just sit there and play your own songs over and over again to artificially boost the play numbers as they clearly see that as being something akin to fraud and they are not going to be best pleased about you doing that.

This does make it sound rather difficult and confusing because what do you do? Do you just take a chance and try to play your own songs just a handful of times a day or do you spend a fortune on marketing in order to boost yourself? In actual fact there is a third option and that option is to use proxies to your advantage.

How Proxies Can Help.

Now, in case you are not aware, proxies allow you to still browse the Internet and do whatever you want to do but it hides your original IP address. As a result, when you use a proxy to go online and visit websites then those websites believe that they are receiving a completely new person as they see that the IP is different to what was used before.

It is this point that is key when we are looking at using proxies for SoundCloud plays because by altering your IP address and then going to your songs as a visitor and playing them it will then show up as a completely different person and they are then going to record it as a unique play. As a result, you are going to find that your plays will indeed be boosted, but we have to stress that it does require a number of proxies or to use backconnect or rotating proxy suppliers to really make a difference in as short a period of time as possible.

The Difference They Make.

By using proxies it does not just mean that you are able to get more plays on this website but also more song likes and followers as well. The more popular that you then appear to be then it stands to reason that people will then start to pick up on what you are doing and start to listen to your tracks all on their own and at that point things are starting to go viral.

Now, you cannot do this all on your own as it is against the terms and conditions and if they see your original IP that is linked to your account carrying out these kinds of activities, then you are going to be banned in next to no time and they will not even blink when doing it. As a result, your hard work will be done in an instant and to be honest there will be no way in which you will ever be able to come back from it.

However, to really boost things quickly you need to match up proxies for SoundCloud along with specific software that has been designed purely for this site in mind. This software is a bot and it can automate so many of the things that you want to do from liking other songs to adding people and a whole host of other cool applications.

The important thing is that you can just set this up and let it run while you get on with something else, but once again you have to use a proxy to protect your real account or you will be banned.

Using the Proxy Correctly.

So, there is still the possibility of you sticking your head up and getting caught if you are not careful or if you use the proxy incorrectly so you clearly need to know what you are doing to avoid this from happening.

The most important thing to focus on is regulating the frequency with which you are sending out the requests because the basic idea is that you have to come across as being completely natural and human like in your behavior. Anything else is only going to result in the red flags coming out and they are going to ban you first and then ask questions later.

Alter the number of messages that you send out. Alter the number of friend requests or song plays that you have. Alter the number of song likes that you send out because if you go crazy and send out 100 messages in a minute then they are clearly going to think that something is up and will take action immediately.

Basically, what we are saying here is that the proxy can only protect you to a certain extent but the software that you can use in order to automate so many aspects of this has to be carefully monitored and controlled from the beginning or else you are going to make life so much harder for yourself in the process.

However, here is the important part. Using proxies to run these commands and software will actually boost your number of plays because what we are talking about here is basically a numbers game. The only problem is that sitting there and doing all of it yourself at such a slow rate so that they do not notice is going to take you an absolute eternity and do you really have all of that spare time available? Probably not.

Proxies are going to protect you and allow you to run those request. If you then get your IP banned then it is no big deal as you simply use another one and get back to work in order to build those accounts and increase those plays. It all sounds rather simple and the cool part is that it actually is even if you are not that technically minded about this kind of thing. In actual fact, you can easily leave the technical side up to those individuals that run the servers in the first place.

The final point that we have to make though is that you really should look for proxies that have been designed specifically for SoundCloud and failing that always avoid using shared proxies for this action. Shared proxies really are crash and burn proxies and in a number of occasions you may even find that the IP associated with it has already been banned.

By using things such as backconnect proxies, rotating proxies, or even private dedicated proxies it does mean that you have a greater sense of control over what is going on and that means that you are going to be your own boss. Considering the low cost of buying proxies and how you can benefit from them it really does make sense to avoid the free option so that you gain from it in the long run. Remember, you are not looking for a quick fix here but rather something that is going to help you to grow and pick up new fans over an extended period of time.

Overall, if you are serious about increasing your plays on SoundCloud then we would strongly recommend that you go ahead and use proxies in order to artificially boost those numbers through clever manipulation and playing the system. Here is some news for you. We promise that you are not going to be the only person doing it and you will be surprised at how many people are doing this at least to some extent. However, you do need to be careful with what you are doing and make sure that you always focus on that frequency or you are going to complicate matters when that does not have to be the case.

Proxies for SoundCloud plays will deliver on what they promise just as long as you keep your feet on the ground and do not go all out too quickly at which point it is your own self that is to blame and not the proxy.

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