How to Use Private Proxies to Create Multiple Accounts on Instagram

Instagram is an absolute Internet phenomenon and it is one website that you want to be active on if you are serious about marketing online. However, the problem with this is that there are a number of limitations associated with this website and that is just going to make life so much harder for you as a result.


This website is of course going to give you the ability to share photos and connect with people with similar likes and interests and it is a website that is continuing to grow at an amazing rate partly thanks to the number of celebrities that jumped on the bandwagon and set up their own accounts. Now, companies and marketers alike have to be on the website if they wish to increase the level of exposure that they are going to receive and if you are not on there, then you are only going to be making life more difficult for yourself.

The difficulty with Instagram is trying to get yourself noticed from the outset as it is all too easy for you to be swamped by the countless other people that are on there for a wide range of reasons. You can try to follow people and hope that it is going to be enough for them to then want to follow you back and boost your numbers, but that is not always going to happen. So, what do you do? How can you boost your visibility and know that you are absolutely assured to increase your followers?

The answer lies in creating multiple accounts on Instagram and using each one to increase the visibility of your main account or, alternatively, to use them to push forward a number of different marketing opportunities at the same time.

Sound interesting?

Well, it is easier to do than you think.

Creating Multiple Accounts.

However, before we talk about using private proxies on Instagram we need to clear something up, you are only supposed to really have one account on the website and if you go ahead and use the same IP for more than one account then there are going to be a whole host of red flags waving around pretty much straight away. In actual fact, Instagram actively searches for people with a number of accounts and using the same IP address on numerous accounts.

So, if you use that IP number for more than one account, then what do you think is going to happen? The answer is you will be banned and then all of your previous marketing exploits and building links is going to all be in vain and you surely want to do everything that you can to avoid that?

In order to avoid that ban hammer there is only one option when it comes to creating multiple Instagram accounts and that is using private proxies. By doing this, you are going to use a different IP number for each account and this is going to instantly remove the problem of how on earth you set up those various accounts and just fly under the radar.

So, How Does it Work?

Now, you are probably sitting there wondering how on earth this actually works because surely it can’t be that straightforward and easy to create multiple accounts as surely Instagram will have things in place to prevent it?

Well, they do but here is the clever part, by using Instagram proxies you can work your way around these limits and in the process of doing so you can really boost your main accounts and get them looking far more popular at the start. You do not even need too much technical knowledge in order to do this, so if you are not that way inclined then this is still for you.

The way it works is easy. First, you have your main account with your very own IP address and that just works as normal. However, when it comes to you creating multiple accounts then you need to change tactics and that is where these Instagram proxies come into play.

By using these proxies it means you can access the website from what appears to be a completely different location as the proxies that you use will appear to point to various parts of the world. Why is that important? Well, it means that Instagram will then view it as being a completely different person that has accessed the website and sought to create a new account. However, you have to remember and create a different email that you can then use to create the account in the first place.

Putting it into Action.

So, the question now is how you go about actually using Instagram proxies because, on the face of it, this sounds like something that would be difficult to do. However, it is straightforward and all that is required is for you to note the IP number that you have been given for the proxy as that is going to be the important part.

For this, you need to change your IP for your Internet connection and details on how to do that will be provided with most proxies. By doing this, you then make it appear as if you are logging in as different people and that is how you then manage to fly under the radar.

Sound cool? Well, it is and the best part is that it is just so easy to do.

Furthermore, when you are finished with the proxy then you can just easily switch back to your normal IP and browse things like you have been doing up until this point. However, we do need to remind you that there is a very real need for you to remember which accounts are logged into with which IP addresses or you are only going to make your life a little bit harder and there is the potential for you to create some red flags if you are not careful.

Your Instagram Accounts.

With Instagram there are limits on the number of people you can follow on any given day and the number of actions that you can take in general as they hate the idea of people flooding their website pretty much straight away after joining. If you are not careful and go crazy in your quest to make yourself look popular then you are likely to get banned and that is the one thing that we want to avoid.

You should also know that Instagram regularly go on a sweep for fake accounts and fake followers and even celebrities have had their numbers decimated as a result. This means that you are at risk if you buy people, but then this is a solution that gets you around that problem.

In order to do this correctly you have to run your various accounts as if they are completely independent of one another. That means some different interests, set up differently, and yet there are still various links back to your main account or whatever it is that you are trying to market. That way you will always come across like a completely unique person and that is what we are trying to achieve.

Believe us when we say that even though this may sound like it is a lot of hard work that it is completely worth it because Instagram is a fantastic place for marketers no matter what it is that you are trying to promote. People love it and it gets a huge number of hits on a daily basis so if you are not on there then you are missing out and if you do not have several accounts then you are only going to make life harder for yourself.

So, to Conclude.

What we are saying here is that if you are serious about creating multiple accounts on Instagram then the only way in which you can do it safely is by using private proxies. There is just no way around it unless you are just desperate for Instagram to pick up on it and ban your main account.

However, by using these proxies and building up your number of accounts it is going to give your marketing a massive boost and in ways that you never imagined to be possible. You can make yourself look popular at the outset, which is always difficult to do, and you are also going to be able to get around various Instagram limits that are put into place in order to stop people from manipulating the system.

This approach is completely fail safe and you can then go on to build your brand on the website in a short period of time. Remember, if people see that accounts are popular and busy then they are more likely to follow and all that you are doing is just giving yourself a bit of a helping hand.

So, order your Instagram proxies and get to work because who knows what riches await you.

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