How to Use Private Proxies to Boost Youtube Views

Youtube is of course one of the biggest websites in the world with a huge number of videos being uploaded on a daily basis. However, at the same time this means that for new people and their videos it is going to be very difficult trying to get noticed especially with there being so much competition. As a result, a number of people that wish to use the power of Youtube for whatever purpose actually give up before they have been able to generate any kind of result.

Now, that in itself should be a crime, but if you try to make yourself as noticeable as possible on Youtube then in all honesty you are going to either have to play smart in the process of doing so or manipulate the system and take advantage of one important thing. What is that thing? The fact that when people see that a particular channel or video has a lot of subscribers or views then they feel more drawn into checking it out than before so it really is like sheep following sheep when you stop and think about it.

This all sounds promising, but there is still a problem and that problem is the fact that you have to get yourself noticed for people to then start to watch your videos without you having to really work hard at marketing yourself and for this there are several options available. However, in this instance we are going to look at only one thing which is the use of private proxies to make your life easier.

A Brief Recap of Private Proxies.

Before we go ahead and explain how these private proxies can be used we need to look at how they work in the first place. This will then make you feel better about using them in order to really boost the number of views that your videos are getting on Youtube and, in the process of doing so, make it more likely that people will go ahead and watch your video on their own accord.

A proxy means that you are able to access the Internet via a different IP number and that does of course mean that it correlates to a different location. This means that, to Youtube, you are going to appear as if you are a brand new person even though it is still you sitting in the same spot accessing the site via different accounts just one after the other.

Using Proxies for YouTube for Multiple Accounts.

Now, you are only supposed to have one account with YouTube, but then there are ways to get around that restriction and of course we are talking about proxies. When it comes to using proxies for YouTube, you have to remember and basically use just one proxy IP number per account. You should also note which proxy fits in with which account as there has to be some continuity across the board or else you are going to run into a number of problems.

However, there are a number of important things to keep in mind when it comes to you using proxies with YouTube and these points are designed to just keep your accounts on the correct side of the website and to stop you from potentially running into problems and having things banned.

Using a Proxy to Bypass a Block.

So, aside from creating multiple accounts there is another huge reason as to why a proxy is going to prove to be so effective. There are various locations where YouTube is going to be blocked, especially at work, but what happens if you want to get onto the site even though you perhaps should not be doing so?

Well, the answer is to use a proxy because that is going to allow you to change your IP number and get around that block providing you with full and free use of the site as you see fit. It really does just work in the exact same manner as using them for creating multiple accounts as the most important thing is to go ahead and change that apparent location and it really does just take minutes to do.

Scraping Information from YouTube.

Something else to think about is using a proxy in order to scrape YouTube for various pieces of information because this is against their terms and conditions and ultimately it will get you into a whole host of trouble if you are not careful. However, by using a proxy you are going to be able to avoid having your main IP banned as they are going to do that pretty much in an instant if you try to gather together as much information as possible.

A scraper can work pretty well on YouTube as it can provide you with details about the various videos, what people are saying about them, comments about what people would like to see, things that are being promoted and a whole host of other points that you could then put to good use. However, if you use your own IP number then YouTube and their software will pick up that you are not who you say you are and that you are doing something against the rules and they are not going to take too kindly to that.

Private proxies will, therefore, not only allow you to create multiple accounts which we will discuss the benefits of next, but also then run scrapers on various accounts to get more information and still stay under the radar. Also, if you go ahead and have an IP banned then it is a lot easier to then have that replaced just as long as your main IP has escaped.

Using Multiple Accounts to Your Advantage.

We mentioned that you could use private proxies in order to create multiple accounts on YouTube and discussed how this is going to be possible. However, let’s just stop for a moment and think about why you would want to do this in the first place.

Now, if you are going to do nothing out of the ordinary with YouTube then you could set up a number of accounts without a proxy and you might be absolutely fine. However, as soon as you start trying to boost accounts and views with your different accounts then Google (who own YouTube) are going to pick up on this and take action.

So, why would you use multiple accounts? Well, getting noticed on YouTube is not easy and you have to just help yourself along especially at the outset. To do this, you have to generate as many views as you can and yet you are unable to just sit there with your own account and watch your own video over and over again or you will get flagged and banned.

To get around this and still benefit from it, you have to use multiple accounts and use those to not only increase views by clicking on the videos that you upload, but to also create playlists where your videos are included in them. By then working at building subscriber numbers thanks to these playlists and having a number of channels it stands to reason that you are then going to make more people aware of your videos and increase the number of views in the process.

Now, this is not something that is new and it has been done by a huge number of people on YouTube as it is a method that works, but those that fail will often do so simply because they have not taken the appropriate safety measures. Those safety measures are focused pretty much entirely on using proxies to create the accounts to give the impression that a number of different people from all around the world are interested in what you are doing. Remember, the more popular your videos and channels appear to be then the more YouTube will promote you as well.

So, using proxies for YouTube is not only a good idea, it is a brilliant one. It is going to give you a boost like never before and in the process of doing so will increase your views and number of subscribers all thanks to the way in which you can move between accounts as you see fit. However, do take the safety things that we mentioned seriously as you are only going to make life harder for yourself and that is something that has to be avoided.

YouTube is actually a dream for anybody involved in marketing. However, it can also be a nightmare if you are unable to make the inroads that you are hoping for. Take these simple steps and manipulate the system to the best of your own ability simply because of the benefits that you will be able to get by doing so. You are not alone in taking this approach and it has made such a huge difference to so many people that investing in those proxies will be one of the best decisions that you have ever made.

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