How to Correctly Use Proxies for Fake Amazon Reviews

Getting your products noticed on Amazon is not easy. In actual fact, with the sheer number of companies that have their products on there you would not be alone in thinking that there is just no point in putting your products on there or trying to even act as an affiliate for them.

Well, to be honest that would just be giving in and who on earth wants to do that? However, the good news is that there is something that you can do about it and that is to make sure that you are in charge of your own Amazon reviews. Why is that so important? Simply because it has been shown time and time again on Amazon that people value reading reviews before they go ahead and make any purchase. Now, if you have a product on there and it has no customer reviews then the chances of you getting those sales is just going to continue to diminish for as long as you fail to put those reviews on there. The question that you have to answer here is whether or not you are in a position to just play the waiting game until somebody goes ahead and buys and then leaves a review or do you want to do something about it?

Creating Fake Amazon Reviews.

So, we mentioned creating your own Amazon reviews in order to bolster the visibility of your products and clearly that is going to be something that can completely change the way in which your products are seen by actual potential customers. However, you cannot just log on and post reviews as the best way to do this is to have verified purchasers as that gives the reviews more weight in the eyes of those people that are looking at buying your products.

But, how can you do that if you are the one that is going to be selling the product? Well, the answer is going to be a lot easier than you had perhaps imagined.

You see, the key is to replicate the entire process from start to finish of buying a product from Amazon and then after it is shipped out you then leave a wonderful review telling everybody how amazing the product is and why they should follow your lead and buy it after you. However, the only difference is that you do not actually go ahead and ship out the product as you would only be sending it to yourself.

Sound easy? Well, in theory it is but the reality is that there are several other things that you have to do first to make sure that you tick all of the boxes and make it appear as if it is a completely legitimate review.

For example, you need to make sure that each review comes from a unique account and that it is linked to what appears to be a completely different individual. Of course this is going to mean that you have to go ahead and create those accounts and that means a different email and coming up with a name etc. But, it does not end there.

As well as creating an account, you then need to still appear to make that purchase so that it all comes across as being normal and real. However, you are not exactly going to be able to use your own credit card, but there is a way around that issue. The method is go get a virtual credit card that you are then able to load money onto and then make a purchase. In other words, it comes across as if it is a completely different person that has bought the product and you will then find it so much easier to go ahead and post that review.

Now, before you go ahead and do that we have to point out one thing that is kind of important, if you go and create accounts and run them all from the same IP address as the one that was used to upload the products and run the merchant account then what do you think is going to happen to you? The answer is simple. All of your accounts and your products are going to be banned and bang goes your chance of being able to sell products on Amazon and that would have to be one of the biggest disappointments ever.

So, how do you get around this problem? The answer is by using proxies.

Using Proxies to Create Fake Amazon Reviews.

In order to change your IP address we recommend that you use a proxy. By doing so, you will be hiding your real origin and will then be able to create a new Amazon account from what appears to be a completely different location in the world. To Amazon, and this is the important part, you will come across as being a new person and they are then not going to be suspicious about the reviews or purchases that you then make.

This way or solving the problem is pretty straightforward to do and yet there is a very real need for you to make sure that you change your IP in order to remain undetected. The safest way of doing this is by using those proxies and this is how you go about using them.

First, we recommend that you use private dedicated proxies rather than shared proxies. The reason for this is simply because shared proxies may have already been used for this purpose so Amazon are going to pick up on it and ban you in next to no time. Private proxies means that they are unique to you so the IP addresses are absolutely fresh. As a result, you are going to be free to make that account and it will come across as being a completely new person.

By going through the proxy server it means that you change your IP and it is recommended that you buy these proxies in bulk so you can use a single proxy for each account that you then plan on creating. Of course it also means that you need to make a note of which proxy goes with which account or you are just going to make life harder for yourself and it will be all too easy for you to trip yourself up.

However, by doing this, you are going to be able to pass yourself off as an actual customer and can then place the order and write that review. You will be able to get under the radar and can then artificially enhance your standing on the website with this hopefully then leading to more sales in the long term.

The Advantages of These Reviews.

So, what are the real advantages of writing these reviews? Well, there are a few to keep in mind.

First, having positive reviews from verified purchases just means that people trust your products more and that is something that can sway their mind and make them feel that they should go ahead and buy it. See this as a bit of positive marketing on your part where you can use the reviews in order to really sell the product, but from an innocent buyers perspective.

Also, it is known that Amazon push forward those products that appear to be busy with sales and reviews so the keywords that you then use will be put to the front of the queue resulting in more exposure and more people coming across your products. Clearly this should then hopefully lead to you getting more sales.

What we are saying is that you need to really play the game in order to actually succeed on Amazon as the competition is so tough that it is easy to see how your products can become lost in the sea of items that are on the website. Reviews are one surefire way of changing the way in which people view your products and it can be an effective sales and marketing tool that you can use to your advantage.

However, as we have stressed, the only way in which you can do this is by going ahead and ordering bulk private proxies in order to create false accounts that appear to come from different locations. When you then match this up with virtual credit cards for the form of payment then you can see how easy it is to go ahead and pretend that you are buying your own product allowing you the right to then be listed as a verified purchaser with your reviews.

By doing this, you will see an increase in the number of sales that you can then achieve matched by an increase in general visibility of your products on Amazon. This is going to give you such a huge boost that it then gets to the point that you will see this as being one of the best moves that you have ever made with your products.

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