How to Correctly Use Private Proxies for Web Scraping

When it comes to web scraping there is just no sense in you using any other kind of proxy for it apart from private proxies. The reasons for this are plain to see for anybody that knows even just basic information about the use of proxies although for those that are not in that situation we can look at those reasons in some more detail.

However, it is sufficient to say at this point that if you are serious about web scraping and wish to do things correctly and in the most efficient manner, then using private proxies are certainly the way to go.

What We Mean by Private Proxies.

As the name suggests, private proxies are going to be for your use and your use alone. That does then make life so much easier for you as a result because the other option that is out there, and by this we mean shared or public proxies, is essentially a free for all whereby you can go ahead and use them whenever you want but so can thousands of other people at the exact same time.

This is going to cause you all kinds of problems when you are using the proxies for web scraping because the most essential thing is that you know that you are the only person using that particular IP address for sending out requests and you are not competing for power or speed with all of those other people. It also stands to reason that if a number of people are using the same IP address that various websites that are generally scraped for information will become aware of this fact in next to no time and will then be forced into taking the only action that is available to them, the banning of the IP.

So, in short, private proxies are going to only be accessed by you and they are not in the public domain. They are also known in some areas as dedicated proxies but they are the same thing and you can easily use either term if you see fit to do so.

Why Use Private Proxies for Web Scraping?

However, one question that we need to answer is just exactly why you should use private proxies for web scraping? Well, the answer to this is quite straightforward in that people will have to scrape websites for a variety of reasons but they are going to mainly be linked to marketing services or products. By scraping websites you can unearth all kinds of information that will often prove to be rather useful although how that information is then used will depend on what it is that you are looking for.

As an example, if you are wanting to contact people regarding a service or product that you have and it is for a specific industry, then you can scrape websites such as Yelp for businesses in that industry in order to gather together their contact information. As you can imagine this list would be rather useful although that is not the only reason why you might be involved in scraping the web.

Other examples could include to uncover information on your competitors with the private proxy masking your real location so they have no idea that you are doing it. You might scrape websites such as Facebook for contact information. You might scrape Google for a list of websites linked to certain keywords that you then wish to target.

When you stop and think about it there are a number of reasons for taking this action and you can begin to understand why so many people are doing it in order to try to get the upper hand in their industry or market. However, some would argue that you could easily use shared proxies in order to do this and not be left with the problem of purchasing private proxies. Well, that may be true but in all honesty the problems that you would come across as a result of this does mean that shared proxies are nowhere near as effective.

This is all because of the way in which you share resources and are at the mercy of other people. In your line of business you will surely want to be in complete control of what is going on rather than just keeping your fingers crossed that an unknown number of people doing unknown things from the same source are going to play ball. That in itself is going to be rather stressful and that is stress that you simply do not need in your life. However, at least you can solve that problem rather easily just by focusing on using private proxies.

How to Use Private Proxies for Web Scraping.

So, if we now presume that you are aware of what we mean by private proxies, then we can then look at how you go ahead and use them for web scraping. This is actually a lot easier than most people are aware as there is often a sense that you need some kind of specialist knowledge to make sense of it all, but that is not the case. Instead, the proxies and the scraper software basically do everything for you and it is just up to you to put in the correct information and then sit back as they do their job.

Now, you have to remember that when you log onto the Internet that you have an IP address and that address is directly linked to your location. However, if you use your own IP address and you then do things that are against the terms and conditions of the websites and are caught, then it does mean that you will not be able to access those websites from that IP address. If you have used your everyday one that you use for general web browsing, then you can start to see how it is going to have an impact on your ability to browse the Internet.

By using a proxy you change your IP address prior to logging onto the Internet or you access them via a website that then acts as your barrier and masks your real IP with the one that is provided by the proxy. This does then mean that you could be physically on the East Coast of the United States but then your IP address appears to indicate that you are on the West Coast and are a completely different person.

As you can imagine, this is going to prove to be rather useful when you are scraping the web for data and information when this action is specifically against the terms and conditions of the various websites.

Now, even though you have your private proxies lined up you then have to still use the web scraper software and to set it up correctly so that it can harvest the kind of information that you are searching for. This is going to vary depending on the software that you use as will the capabilities of the software so you are certainly strongly advised to check this out before you even go ahead and buy your private proxies for web scraping. Basically, you want to make sure that both the IP numbers and the software are going to be compatible with one another before you start spending any money.

Reasons Why Private Proxies are the Best Option.

We are certainly trying to tell you that private proxies are the way to proceed when you are looking at doing this online but we have to go through various reasons to further strengthen the argument and show you why you have to go ahead and purchase private proxies rather than simply relying on those that are out there in the public domain.

1. They are more reliable.

This is always going to be an important reason for using private proxies in that they will tend to be more reliable when it comes to connecting to the Internet. As you can imagine, if you are sharing the IP addresses with a huge number of other people then things are going to be stretched as far as they can possibly go and that is not a good position to be in. Reliability has to be key when you are trying to gather together as much information as possible.

2. They are faster.

This kind of fits in with the fact that they are reliable in that the speed issue is also very important. You have to remember that you are trying to harvest a substantial amount of information and the last thing that you want is for it to be lagging as that just makes your life more stressful. Speed really is of the essence and the only way in which you can guarantee that you will get the speed is by having your own proxies rather than relying on sharing the power with other people.

3. You have more control over them.

Considering you are no longer at the mercy of other people also using the power of the proxy then it does mean that you have greater control over the proxies and how they are being used. This means you are able to decide when the requests are being sent, how they are being sent, how many, the list goes on and the outcome is that you will then be able to get better results and do so without having to worry about the proxy being blacklisted and banned at any given moment.

4. You can change location easier and still feel safe.

The idea of purchasing a number of private proxies is that you can use a range of locations and this can often prove to be rather useful when it comes to scraping the web. For example, you may be searching for some rather specific information that is directly related to a location and the only way in which you can get accurate results is by making sure that the proxies you use are linked to that place. That is the beauty of using various suppliers for private proxies in that a number of them will work with you to make sure that you get the proxies that you are looking for.

5. They are banned less often.

This is the final reason as to why you should be using private proxies for web scraping and it is an important one. You will find that they are indeed banned less often and of course that is because of the greater degree of control that you have over them as mentioned earlier. However, the way in which that works is going to depend on your own actions which is why you need to be careful how you use them or you will just be digging a hole for yourself. If you change the frequency of sending requests, change the referral, watch the cookies and a number of other things then you will just come across as a busy human being at least up to a point.

So, as you can see there are a number of clear reasons as to why you should go ahead and use private proxies for web scraping. It really is going to make life so much easier as a result and you will certainly encounter less problems than you would if you tried to do the same actions via shared proxies.

Remember, they are going to be less expensive than you think and at the same time you are going to be able to purchase just a few for next to no money in order to test them out. This is something that we strongly advise you to do in order to determine if they are able to work in the manner that you require. Finally, just remember to check out your supplier first to see if they can provide you with the proxies that you are looking for or if you have to venture elsewhere to get the thing that you need.

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