How to Correctly Use Amazon Proxies For the Purpose of Scraping

Amazon is not only the biggest marketplace in the world but it is also a fantastic source of information that can help you to get your products out there in front of the correct people or to improve the number of affiliate sales that you are able to generate. However, getting this information is not as easy as you may initially think. In actual fact, the way in which you are going to have to work the website will increase your chances of being banned and we do not want that to happen, do we?

Well, the good news is that we have a way in which you are able to do this and still get the information and keep your main account safe at the same time. Sound interesting? It is and the best part is that it is going to be a lot easier than you initially think.

How to Get the Information.

In order to get the information you have to use a tool called a scraper and there are several out there that can do the job quite well. These tools will allow you to set them up to carry out a number of requests for information that is then done automatically. People will use them on Amazon for a number of reasons including trying to get product information, pricing information, checking out company details, and even information on reviews.

It should be noted that you do not even have to be scraping Amazon because you want to sell on there but also because you are looking at selling on your own website and want to know how much certain products are selling for at any given time. Also, it is something that you want to be doing if you are an Amazon affiliate simply because it gives you a better idea as to which products are selling well and you should then target them accordingly.

The Problem with Scraping

Scraping is effective, but there is a problem and the problem is that it is against the terms and conditions of the website for you to do it. Basically, Amazon is going to ban you in an instant as they will just see all of these requests coming from the one IP and think that they are under attack. At that point they are only left with one option which is to ban the IP in order to protect themselves.

That is the problem for you because if you use your own IP then it means you will be unable to access Amazon even for your own uses. Also, your affiliate account would be banned and if you are selling items on the website then that is going to run into difficulties as well. In other words, if you use your own IP for scraping then you may as well say goodbye to using the website.

However, there is a way around it and that method is using proxies although you do need to use them in the correct way to make sure that you do not endanger your IP and still get all of the details that you are looking for. The most important part of all is knowing which type of proxy it is that you need to use as well as how to use them effectively.

Tips on Using Proxies.

Proxies are fantastic because in an instant they are able to change your IP address and hide your real location. For example, you may be in London and yet a proxy could make Amazon think that you are in Miami and a completely different person at the same time. From their perspective it means that they are unable to link the scraping with your real account and that is fantastic for you.

However, there is a bit more to it than just getting a proxy and allowing the scraper tool to do its thing. If you choose the wrong type of proxy then you are only going to have a negative effect especially if you use a shared proxy. The problem with shared proxies is that they are out there in the public domain so there is every chance that they have already been used on Amazon for this purpose. As a result, Amazon have probably already blacklisted it so you will find that the proxy is not even going to work.

What you must do is use either a private dedicated proxy or even better still rotating or backconnect proxies. With those final two options it means that your IP address is being changed pretty much on a constant basis and this is fabulous as it makes it seem as if a number of different people are sending in requests to Amazon rather than it just being one single person. Because of this you will be able to send out more requests for information and fly under the radar for longer than before.

That being said, you should never just set up the scraper tool with a proxy and allow it to run like crazy. Why? Simply because Amazon do look out for things that would represent normal human activity and anything that does not come across as that will set off those alarm bells and red flags will be popping up all over the place.

You see, by using proxies it means you fire off various requests to the Amazon website but there are some rules that have to be followed at all costs. For example, you need to alter the rate at which those requests are sent and vary the speed and number of requests that are being fired out at any given time. This is going to come across as more natural and human like simple because who sends out a huge number of requests unless a bot or automated tool is being used?

Also, make sure that the time at which you send out those requests varies during the day. It comes across as being far more natural if there are bursts of activity at some very sporadic times because that is what people will do if they are browsing Amazon in a human like way. This has to be the most important point that has to be made because as soon as you stop acting like a human then Amazon will pick up on it.

You also have to think about where the requests are being sent because the same referral url being accessed on a constant basis is also going to be rather susceptible to being picked up by Amazon. The landing page that is being accessed has to vary on pretty much a constant basis so that Amazon do not start to notice that all of these requests hit the one page. Once again that is going to be capable of raising red flags and your accounts will be banned.

What we are saying is that scrapers and proxies have to really work together so that you are able to avoid being banned and it is all too easy to fall foul of their rules since they do not think twice about banning you. Also, it will be more beneficial to you if you not only purchase bulk proxies so you can chop and change those IP addresses whenever you want and as we mentioned earlier it is certainly more beneficial to change them to survive for longer.

This applies no matter what you plan on using the scraper for and also the information that you are looking at unearthing. In actual fact, it is highly recommended that you go ahead and use those scrapers and proxies in a variety of ways throughout the day. This mixing up of things will certainly make life so much easier for yourself and clearly if you can unearth so much information then it is going to mean that you are able to get all if the correct marketing information that you need in order to then make your own sales whether it be on your own website or selling on Amazon itself.

So, if you are thinking about trying to get information from Amazon by scraping then the only course of action available to you is to use proxies. Failing to do so is only going to lead to you getting your account and IP address banned along with your affiliate account if that is what you are using Amazon for. When you think about how easy it is to get around the problem of hiding your IP without it having a negative impact on the way in which you use the site it does not make sense for you to risk things when that is not the way to proceed.

Remember, always just avoid those shared public proxies simply because of them probably having already been used for this kind of purpose before. It is not worth the risk as you are only making life difficult for yourself when that really does not have to be the case.

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