How Good Is Paid Proxies Over Free Proxies?

Well for beginners, A Proxy or Proxy server could be a computer software, program, or site that permit when put on to link the port of the server. In this modern world this is ideal because when you are linked to the Proxy, your Internet Protocol is hidden.  This saves users from websites that do unwanted actions like installs spyware on your computer or even worse as hackers can take advantage of this opportunity. A Proxy Server spares you from all this. Based on privileges, there are various kinds of Proxies.  One question still bothers users are paid proxies better than free proxies? Personally, I think this answers depends on some factors which I am going to discuss here. Of course everyone one would think and expect that paid proxies are better than the free proxies based on the fact that for it to be paid for there must be qualities that differentiate it from the others. Yes, sincerely speaking they are and I will be showing you why.

Free Proxies Service


There are a lots of free proxy servers and software today available for all to use. All you have to do is to look for the website. These proxies vary in functions and use. It could be either an application or a server just have to choose the one to suit the function you want it to do. And as for advanced and familiar users the names of the applications will settle this selection tussle. Using free proxy servers, makes you go to sites always to either maintain or update your access. You have to be aware that because they are free, a lot of people access them, so it may take a while before you find one that you can connect with on a regular basis. These proxies come in handy and are less expensive and economical as there are a lot of times that you will want to access the Internet without being known, and it is understandable not to want anyone to know what sites you go through especially if you are in an office or university environment.

The Risk

Most people prefer going for a free proxy, as they think they are safe and secure in using it. However, everyone knows that “nothing good comes easy”, if someone is giving you an offer for free proxy then surely he will be getting something unknown to you as benefits from him one way or the other. If you are really cautious about your privacy, then do not opt for free proxies as free proxies are no good for anyone I must confess. One main point that I always tell people is that, when you log on to one’s site and you are using their free proxy to surf the internet, then surely they will have records of your history thereby monitoring every of your activities. Of course you will be hidden from the others but you would be getting noticed or monitored by the proxy site whose proxy you are using. These proxies site have now gone far that once you subscribe to them, they might add some spyware or adware in your system to notice your full activity and you may even fall victim of a whole lot of spam messages and emails, therefore its evident that free proxy sites sooner or later will take money out of you to cover their costs and other expenses.

Paid Proxies Service


With people doing whatever it takes to protect themselves and their families against cyber threat proxies helps reduce them. For some Proxy users investing in a paid proxy service is the best option. The benefits of free proxy services outweigh the free proxies. With paid proxy service, you will get full advantage of your money and additional benefits that just are not offered with the free proxies. Benefits ranging from better compatibility between servers that helps prevent you from experiencing frequent disconnection as your Internet provider’s server tries to connect with your proxy server. Also it gives you the chance to choose from different countries through which you can connect with secure protocols that is compatible with software and browser. Paid proxies are known to be reliable and fast in connection unlike the free proxies. Subscribing to a paid proxy service is reasonable and considering price, you just have to compare the peace of mind and the safety they provide to the risks of free proxies.

The Benefits

The speed of the Internet connection in paid proxies are excellent. With options of being able to use one person or many users using the server you will be able to set the speed of the connection to its maximum level. Compared to a public proxy, the private proxy will not lose in terms of speed because the public proxy is often used by lots of subscribers at the same time. Another advantage of using Paid Proxies server include the common purpose of protecting our personal information and privacy whenever we go online there by allowing us to surf anonymously. There is also the issue of connecting to the Internet via a hotspot or Wi-Fi. With a public Internet connection such as this, Internet users near you will be able to see you online surfing activities. With a private proxy server, however, you are sure to be protected from them and establish a secure tunnel for your own browsing activities. The issue of keeping cyber criminals and hackers away from you while connecting to your network is sure to some extent. With the knowledge of how dangerous it can be for us when bad hackers try get into our system and steal files having Paid Proxies, eliminate the possibility of becoming a cyber-crime victim.

Service Guarantee

Using Paid Proxies and its usability is sure. Most of these Paid Proxies providers even have means to make complains on when there are any problems with the services expected from them. With this option work can be done easily and quickly anytime you need them so you can be rest assured that your web operations are not interrupted. Unlike the free proxies which do not have any platform for complains, thereby leaving you stranded in times of need.

Security Reasons

In terms of security, free proxies are similar to Paid proxies, but public access is what make you vulnerable to information leaks. You should also keep in mind that not all services are ethical especially the ones that provide proxies for free. In most cases the owners of these free Proxies servers are hackers who are waiting for the chance to pounce on unaware users to do unwanted actions to your system, therefore if you are using one you better brace yourself for a security breach. In contrary to free proxies, paid proxies are private and can be used by you only. Most Providers of best paid proxy service have strict regulations that guarantee your security. Which serves as a guarantee for its subscribers.

Internet Speed

Free proxies are well known to have slower Internet connection. The reason for this is easy as since more than one user can access a free proxy, internet connection is expected to be slow as higher bandwidth usage as opposed to a Paid Proxies server. Best Paid Proxies Servers providers now have top-notch computers and reliable Internet connection that ensures fast access and data transfer for its subscribers. Definitely, you would not want to click on a page a wait for 5minutes all because you are trying to anonymous when you can be anonymous and browse at the highest possible speed available.

Wide Range of Service Options

Surely free solutions would not give you a lot of options other than the limited services they have like a different IP address with less reliable security and web access. But definitely a Paid service like a Paid Proxies gives you options such as changing your IP with unlimited choices of IP addresses to choose from and remote desktop access to computers. These wide range of options include change of countries which is what many users crave for. These Option gives the user the ability to choose any country available as his/her source IP. This is an advantage as website or applications with country restrictions can be reached by the Paid Proxies users.

Final Decision

The issue of anonymous browsing of the web is growing in popularity as it has ways of protecting users from attacks and gives privacy. It is clearly evident that using Paid Proxies are more secured and beneficial to use. Therefore, for you to be totally secured from the attacks through the internet, make use of the Paid Proxies, from my personal point of view. Just take advantage of these medium and search for a simple Paid Proxies provider that is secured and you will get the required help you need.

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