Google Scraping Proxies: What You Need to Know to Get the Best Out of Them

So, you know that Google is a wonderful source of information and data that could help your business in various ways, but how do you go about getting that data into a format that is going to be useful to you? Well, you could sit there for an eternity and try to gather together all of the information by hand but that is just going to take longer than you could ever imagine.

In order to generate the most amount of information and data in the shortest possible time it does involve you having to use specific tools and bots or as we said earlier it is going to take you an eternity. However, even with this you will end up having to deal with a very specific problem and that problem is the simple fact that Google will not be best pleased with your online activities.

This in itself is rather a contradiction on their own terms as Google are the largest scrapers of data out there and yet it is strictly against the terms and conditions for their search engine for you to go ahead and do it. So, if it is against the rules and they are not going to be happy, then what happens if you go ahead and do it anyway?

Scraping on Google.

If we just assume that you have a scraper tool (one of the many that are out there) and you have gone ahead and logged on from your own IP address and started using the tool, then what do you think that is going to happen? Well, there will only be one outcome and yet you are not going to be that aware of when the outcome is going to occur.

At first, Google are probably going to let it slide as there will not be that many red flags to concern them and yet there will be a point where things change. As soon as Google realizes that you are sending out all of these requests in a short period of time then they will believe that they are under some kind of attack and, as a result, they are going to have to protect themselves.

Now, with this, the only protection that they can have is to go ahead and ban your IP address and that means you are not going to be able to get onto their search engine even if you want to use it for legitimate means. How would that ban stop you both in personal terms as well as business terms? The answer is obvious, it is going to have a major impact and life is certainly going to become more difficult for you.

Introducing Google Scraping Proxies to the Equation.

So, it sounds as if you are going to be stopped in your tracks when it comes to being able to scrape Google for all of that juicy information and data because the last thing that you want is to have your IP address banned and blacklisted. However, it does not end there because there is an alternative solution and that solution is to change your IP address and that is easier than you are perhaps aware.

In order to do this you have to use special Google scraping proxies and let us explain what proxies are so you can see how this is going to be the answer to your prayers.

A proxy is a way in which you can still access the Internet and carry on as normal but while operating under a different IP address. For example, you could be sitting online in London and yet the proxy that you are using has an IP address that is showing up as if you are sitting in Miami.

Now, what this means is that the proxy is masking your location and real IP address, so if you go ahead and use a scraper tool on Google and they ban the IP, then your real address is still safe allowing you to just carry on browsing as normal. Also, as you can purchase proxies in bulk then you simply switch over to another one and continue to scrape data for as long as you can until Google goes ahead and bans that IP as well. Basically, these proxies can be used with a crash and burn mentality with this being made partly possible due to the low cost of purchasing the proxies in the first place.

Choosing the Correct Proxies.

When it comes to proxies then the first thing that you will notice is that there are several options available to you. As you search, you will notice that there are both public (or shared) proxies as well as private ones and our recommendation is to make sure that your Google scraping proxies are private and not in the public domain.

The reason for this is simple. If you are using a public proxy, then there will already be a huge number of people using that same IP address and how long do you think it will take Google to realize that something is going on and then ban that IP? You will be lucky to get anywhere with the information that you are trying to pull together before you find that you have been blocked, so is there any real point to that?

However, things are different when it comes to private proxies because the only person that is going to be using that proxy will be you. Also, some more advanced proxies will allow you to quickly change your location and when you then tie that in with using scraping tools that alter the rate at which requests are sent out, then it becomes more likely that you will be able to continue to use those proxies for longer than you perhaps thought possible.

In other words, we recommend going ahead and purchasing private proxies for scraping Google simply from a safety point of view and also when looking at things in the long term.

Using Those Google Scraping Proxies.

So now that we have a better understanding of what we mean by using proxies for scraping Google, how do you actually go ahead and use them? Well, once again you do not have to have extensive technical knowledge of this kind of thing as it is a lot easier than you would perhaps imagine.

Whenever you log onto the Internet you do so with your own IP address. However, with the correct proxies you can then change your IP address so it appears as if you are coming from a different location. Now, this new IP address is not going to have any kind of an impact on what you are able to do online, but of course we are talking about using Google scrapers so things are going to be slightly different.

You will of course be using certain tools in order to scrape Google but in doing so there are a number of important points to keep in mind so that you can hopefully stay under the radar for as long as possible. However, even with private proxies it is still highly likely that you will indeed be banned at some point although at least that is just with the bought proxy rather than your own IP address.

1. Use rotating proxies to help with the scraping.

One of the key things is to look at using rotating proxies so that you stay under the radar for longer. This means that there will be a certain number of requests being sent from an individual IP address before it then changes elsewhere and the first proxy then has a break. It is always going to be better for you if you have a reasonable number of proxies to move between as this spreads things more evenly and there is less chance of being detected.

2. Alternate the number of requests.

Remember, Google are searching for activities that are clearly not going to be human and they will then take action even if they just suspect that something is up. In this instance, the best thing to do even with Google scraping proxies is to make sure that you alternate the number of requests that you are sending out there over a certain period of time. If you flood them, then they are going to pick up on that IP number in next to no time and you will be banned before you know it.

3. Alternate the times.

Here is another important point. When you are using a scraper tool of any kind then it is important that you do not just go at it 24/7 as that is hardly even close to being a natural way of using Google. Instead, the times at which you are using the proxies should vary as well as the length of time that you are using them for. The entire point here is to lower the suspicion levels surrounding your use of Google even though it is still going to become apparent at some point just what is going on.

4. Look at the location of the proxy.

This is something that is often overlooked and that in itself is going to be a problem. Before you go ahead and purchase your Google scraping proxies do check where the new IP addresses that you are using will be pointing to because the location can either increase or decrease the level of suspicion surrounding your activities. For example, it is generally accepted that any IP number that appears to be from various countries such as Nigeria, other parts of Africa, or Russia and China will have a tendency to be linked more to certain types of activity than other countries. This in turn means that Google will pay more attention to a substantial number of requests from those locations than they would do if they appear to be coming from the United States.

5. Clear cookies between proxies.

Finally, when you are switching between proxies in order to scrape Google for information and data, do make sure that you clear your cookies before moving onto the next one. Alternatively, stop cookies from landing on your computer in the first place although clearly some websites are going to request that to happen so that could hinder your ability to get the information that you are looking for. However, if you do not clear cookies then this can also act as a red flag on top of the other activities that you are doing and you want to make sure that there is as little suspicion as possible.

So, if you plan on scraping Google for information and data then we strongly recommend that you use Google scraping proxies to make life easier for you. It is almost inevitable that Google will ban an IP especially if you go ahead and hit their website hard as it is just their way of protecting themselves from attack. However, thanks to using proxies you can simply change to a brand new IP address and carry on as normal and continue to do that until you have gathered together all of the information that you are looking for.

The final thing that we would stress is the need for you to alter the number of requests that you send out at any given time just to make sure that your proxies last a bit longer or else you are going to have to purchase a substantial number of them just to survive. We covered that in points above and even though the prices of buying proxies is relatively low that does not mean that you should not care about what you are doing. Remember, the key is to get the information that you are after and thanks to these proxies that is going to be a lot easier than you ever thought possible. It is just a case of you setting up the proxy and the tool correctly.

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