Google Maps Reviews Bot: How to rank your map higher with ASB Map Bot


In the modern days, the physical maps are obsolete, and Google Maps has taken its place. Whenever a person wants to visit a place, the first thing he does is search it on google maps. Once he finds the place, he reads the reviews on that place to get an idea of the environment and the services they have to offer. This is quite crucial in making him like or dislikes the place.

This google maps review bot makes sure that the customers know about your place and know how good it is. Like if a person is new to someplace and he wants to have lunch, he will search the places for lunch and then choose the one which has the highest rating and the best reviews. To make sure that the place with the highest rating and best reviews is yours, QniTech has introduced Google Map Reviewer Bot.

The google maps review bot will help the user get rid of all the worries of getting a good rating or reviews. So that you can completely focus on making your business better. The number of people that have rated your place also plays a part in bringing you a place to the top results when searched. Now you can ask your friends and family to give you a positive rating to help your business grow but the process s quite slow. So why do you need to ask for someone’s help when you have the best google maps review bot present to help you.

Nowadays, any place is defined by its rating on Google Maps and a bad rating can have a seriously bad impact on your business. The stores with a high rating can attract customers from all around the globe. Google Map Reviewer Bot makes sure that you are a part of the elite rating club on Google Maps by automatically placing a Five-Star rating on your place. The best part of the software it makes it impossible to know that these ratings are not a human.

Why have Google Map Reviewer Bot

Here is a list of the advantages of having Google Map Reviewer Bot:

  • The interface of the software is quite simple and easy to use.
  • The software can place a complete Five-Star rating on your desired place by itself.
  • The software makes sure that the rating is not distinguishable for human ones.
  • The comments are changed to make sure that the duplication is as low as possible.
  • It can place a rating on multiple locations simultaneously.
  • The software can run on Proxy and Dcom.
  • Attracts the customers with an increase in the rating.

Step by Step guide to using Google Map Reviewer Bot

This guide will provide you all the steps required to run the software smoothly:

  1. Run the software and a login pop up will appear. Fill the required details like your login ID and the password. You can click on the save password feature to make sure not to go to this process again.

  2. The next step is to input the number of runs you want the software to make. You can leave this option as the software has a prewritten value in the blank. If required, you can change the value to any you desire.

  3. For the next step, you need to specify the number of runs the software should make at a time on the same browser also known as customizing the thread.

  4. In the next step, you need to specify the time after which the review is changed. The process of entering the time is a little bit different, you need to enter 000 at the end of the time. It is a requirement of the software. Like, if you want your viewing time to be 15 – 30 seconds, you must enter 15000 as the minimum value and 30000 as the maximum value.

  5. This will create a .txt file with a virtual browser on the storage of your PC, you need to click on the browse button and upload that file to the software.

  6. In the next step, you need to choose either Proxy or Dcom, this will determine how the software will work.

  7. In the next step, you need to create a .txt file with a google account and selecting either proxy or Dcom.

  8. The next step is to select a location to add reviews. For that purpose, search the location on Google Maps and paste its link in a .txt file. Similarly, add all the locations in the file. Once the compilation of the locations s done, upload the file to the software.

  9. The next step is to write comments. For that make a .txt file and add comments in it that you want to appear on your location’s review and upload the file. The software will automatically change the content as required to make sure that the duplication is as low as possible.

  10. The next step is quite a critical proving to Google Reviews that comments are not by a bot. For that you need to enter the time interval between each comment and the process mentioned in Step 4 should be followed. (Add 000 at the end).

  11. The next step is to create a folder named “Data” that will contain all the content related to the Google Account Review. Copy the path of the folder and paste it in the designated blank in the software.

  12. After completing all the mentioned steps, click on OK to run the software. You can view the progress of software at any time by clicking the “Show Browser”.


The process of collecting reviews can be a difficult task, especially for a new business. And it is impossible to run a business without a good rating. But that does not mean it should be hard for you too. Google Map Reviewer Bot will take the responsibility of keeping the rating of your business sky high while you can focus completely on making your place as successful as you can.


.txt file means a text file of Microsoft Windows Notepad.

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