Facebook Automation Bots: Best Proxies To Bypass FB Anti-Spam Filter

Are you looking to unblock your Facebook account, or you’re looking for the best proxies to automate your Facebook tasks? This guide is all you will need to understand the different types of proxies for mobile, residential, and data centers so you can use the proxies for maximum results.

With Facebook, you can use the platform to network with your friends and grow your business. And if you are the automation type – ie, you love to use Facebook bots and software to find hot leads on Facebook groups. You need to know some critical Facebook requirements that will make you stay safe and work under the Facebook anti-spam radar without being detected as Facebook is a strict platform and can detect automation practices miles off.

This is why you need to invest in proxies developed with unequal technology to bypass the Facebook anti-spam checks meant to weed out spam posts on Facebook platforms. It’s important to know that Facebook has a well robust and smart anti-spam filter in place, and therefore not every proxy can bypass these checks. 

Simultaneously, some can easily pass through without being detected, and many others are already in their blacklisted pools of proxies.

Although you can use datacenter proxies for Facebook automation, you need to know how to use them exceptionally well before putting them to the test. The best Facebook automation proxies are the residential and mobile proxies. These recommendations are anchored on the three proxy categories we have.”

This is why this guide is specially made – is to show you what the best Facebook proxy providers are using the safest proxies that pass through Facebook anti-spam detection in the market. 

Best Residential Proxies For Facebook

If you are looking for a very affordable proxy that will get your automation job done nicely, and they are readily available for purchase, the residential proxies are a sure bet – better than mobile proxies (in some cases). Personally, many people are developing some kinds of likeness for these types of proxies as they are useful in masking your identity on the Facebook platform.

Their IP addresses that are assigned to them by Internet Service Provider operators are not easily detectable. This is why it is very vital when sourcing for your residential proxies to look for a provider that can keep your sessions running for a while because IP changes at every request are bound to trigger off the Facebook anti-spam system.


If you are looking for a premium provider of residential proxies with a high-level undetectable rate, the Smartproxy residential proxies for Facebook is just right. Their proxy is specially developed with a smart evasion system to bypass detection, and besides, the pricing is very affordable compared to many other non-effective residential proxies.

With a $75 plan, you can have access to 5GB of capped bandwidth for a month – This is a big difference to other providers on the marketplace as you will need a huge budget to run the proxies. Smartproxy has a proxy pool of over 10 million residential address proxies. This is why you can use their proxies and maintain a session for 10 minutes, making and differentiating a good automation proxy.


  • Location: 195 locations across the globe
  • Cost: $75/m for 5GB
  • IP Pool: 10+ million
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Begins at 5GB.
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited

Microleaves – (Shifter.io)

This proxy provider is one of the largest proxy network operators in the market. With over 31 million residential IP addresses, you can be sure to get regularly refreshed IP addresses from their pool. The Microleaves backconnect proxies much unlike the Smartproxy are not

 prices based on their bandwidth, and so they are not metered. Still, their pricing is based on the number of ports available for users.

Their proxy helps you maintain your anonymity and retain your IP addresses for only 5 minutes before a new proxy is assigned to you. This is just ideal for getting on top of your Facebook automation tasks. They have HTTP and SOCKS compatible proxies located in many different world locations and can be used to browse many social sites without a problem.


  • Location: 130 locations across the globe
  • IP Pool: 26+ millions
  • Cost: $125/m For 10 ports
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited.

Best Mobile Proxies For Facebook

If you are looking for proxies that don’t get banned or blacklisted quickly, try the mobile proxies. They work better on Facebook botting than residential proxies because sometimes, these residential proxies can get detected. However, the mobile proxies stay under the radar of spam detection.

These proxies are better than other types of proxies because the numbers of IP addresses available are not comparable and are lesser to the numbers of mobile IPs. This is why, again, they remain the most expensive types of proxies, and many sites avoid blacklisting these IPs to prevent denying other users access to the IP.


This platform has the largest mobile proxy network in the market, so if you are looking for proxies that will keep you anonymous and will not get blacklisted, this proxy provider is your best bet for your money. 

They are the best providers of mobile proxies, but their datacenter proxies and residential proxies are hardcoded to work for your automation. The only downside to using these proxies is that they are not so readily affordable making many small businesses find a solution elsewhere. Luminati pride themself as having the best session control providers in the market.

Currently, their IP pool has over 7 million IP addresses. They offer specific geo-targeting or ASN, including offering users an option to specify the carriers they prefer the most. Their proxies are shared all across the globe.


  • IP Pool: 7+ million
  • Location: 130 Locations across the globe
  • Cost: $500/m for 17GB
  • Concurrency Allowed: Starts from 17GB


One proxy provider that has broken the barrier between cheap and expensive mobile proxies is proxy-cheap. Their platform made it possible for small business owners to use mobile proxies to automate their tasks, which was hitherto impossible with many other service providers. 

They have cheap and functional proxies for Facebook automation, and they have proxies that make use of AT&T or Verison IP addresses. They also have state-level proxies for 52 states in the US, including a proxy center in France. Proxy-cheap uses the 4G LTE registered sim cards where 4G LTE is working.


  • IP Pool: Unknown
  • Location: USA and France Only
  • Cost: $50/m
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited.

Best Datacenter Proxies for Facebook

If you are on a low budget and you’re looking to automate your Facebook tasks, these types of proxies can come handy. They are cheaper and more affordable compared to residential or mobile proxies. 

However, if you must use the datacenter proxies for Facebook, you have to be very careful about using them. The reason is that most of the proxies in these categories are considered as spam, and they get easily detected by a Facebook anti-spam filter. And some proxies in this pool are already blacklisted by default.

If you’re looking for cheap datacenter proxies that work for Facebook, here are the best out there in the market.

My Private Proxy

This is flat-down the best datacenter proxies out there. They have tested proxies that have proven to bypass the Facebook anti-spam filter, and works well on Facebook automation time and again. 

The only drawback associated with this proxy type, apart from the fact that they are easily detectable, is that they are slightly at a disadvantage when it comes to proxy distribution to other servers. Their data centers are only located in the US, other few regions in the EU.

If you are looking to use their proxy for automation, we strongly advise you not to use their shared proxies. However, their private proxies are easily affordable and cheap, and if you are looking to find fast private proxies so you can create multiple connections, this proxy platform might be what you’re looking or


  • Location: US and EU region only
  • Cost: $1.49 per proxy/month
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Concurrency Allowed: up to 100 threads.

Instant Proxies

Looking for proxies that are fast, stable, reliable, and are way cheaper than what MyPrivateProxy has in stock? Instant proxies are just what you need. With $10 a month, you are guaranteed eight proxies hosted on dedicated proxy servers designed to work on unlimited numbers of concurrent connections.

These proxies from Instant proxies come with unlimited bandwidth. The good thing about these proxies from this provider is that the proxies are tested and are sure to pass the Facebook spam detection system. You can test their proxies on the Facebook platform before making a final purchase.


  • Location: Worldwide
  • Cost:$1.00/m per proxy
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited

Tips To Unblock Facebook

There are different reasons why your access to Facebook might get blocked. It could be caused by Government regulations, Facebook itself, schools, etc. When you encounter such blockage, you cannot use the Facebook platform again, except you unblock it.

Here are some ways you can go around unblocking your Facebook access:

Free Web Proxy Server To Unblock Facebook

There are many ways you can unblock your Facebook access; however, just two are the most used ways – using a proxy or resorting to VPN service.

For proxies, any of the listed proxies above will work fine; however, if you are on a shoe-string budget, its recommended to go with My PrivateProxy provider.

VPN also does the same job as proxies ie, hiding your IP. The only thing with VPN is that they encrypt your traffic. Using a VPN is more of a personal resolution for users who are more inclined to data privacy and online security – it works perfectly for unblocking Facebook.

Best Proxies For Facebook Automation

For Facebook automation, the best proxies for this exercise is the residential proxies. The reason is that residential proxies are cheaper and affordable when put side-by-side with mobile proxies (Mobile proxies would have been the best option but for their expensive pricing). They also come undetectable, and they are not easily blocked. Smartproxy is the leader in residential proxy services in the market.

FAQs About Facebook Proxies

Does Facebook Allow The Use Of Proxies

No Facebook platform or its subsidiaries like Instagram allows for the use of proxies. This is because proxies are deemed deceptive. After all, they give you access to content you are not meant to view, and if you are caught using proxies on Facebook, your access to the platform will be denied the next time.

How Many Facebook Account Per Proxy

If you have mobile or residential proxies priced based on bandwidth, this is undoubtedly a good one. This is because you will have access to hundreds of thousands of IP addresses that rotate IPs to you.

However, for datacenter proxies price based on ports or numbers of IP, you mustn’t automate more than two accounts per proxy.


The above-listed proxy providers are our recommended providers because they are tested based on real-life. However, some other proxy providers are good for accessing Facebook but are not listed here. In all, the most important thing to take away is to make sure you use proxies from trusted providers so you can have access to Facebook regardless of your budget and location.

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