How to Correctly Scrape Amazon Without Running into Problems

If you are considering trying to scape Amazon then it is important that you understand how you are able to do it without running into all kinds of problems. This is going to be a lot easier to do than you are perhaps aware and we are going to look at several things that you are able to do that will turn this into a reality.

Now, to begin with we should explain the various reasons as to why you would even want to scrape this particular website and the thing you are going to see is that there are going to be more reasons than you would have perhaps imagined.

For example, you might be looking at selling items online and you understand that the marketplace on Amazon is going to be the biggest competition area possible. By using a scraper, you are going to be able to go ahead and uncover all kinds of information about products and what people are selling at and clearly this is going to prove to be rather useful for you.

However, it goes further than that.

In addition, it is also possible to scrape Amazon in order to get reviews on products and see how they are rated on the website. This can then influence what you sell and also how much you are going to sell items for and clearly this is also going to be of use to you.

Furthermore, you could be one of the many retailers that is looking at selling items on Amazon and you know that there are going to be other people out there selling the same thing. By using a scraper, you will be able to uncover information on what they are doing and what they are selling at. This can then be used by yourself to create your marketing and sales strategy so that you stay ahead of the game. Also, they could very well be doing the exact same thing as you so do keep that in mind.

Now, this all sounds rather interesting but there are several key points to keep in mind and this is going to help really safeguard your time scraping Amazon for all of this data.

Be Aware of Amazon Banning an IP.

The first thing to be aware of is that Amazon are not exactly going to be slow at banning an IP that they suspect of doing something wrong. To be honest, they have been known to ban an IP even without that so do be aware of this.

You see, when you scrape their website, you are sending out a huge number of requests in a relatively short period of time. Amazon are not immediately aware that you are scraping for information and that it is harmless to them. Instead, they see all of these requests and they automatically believe that they are being attacked. The only action that they can then take is to ban the IP that these requests are coming from and they will do that without thinking twice about it.

They are Skilled at Identifying a Bot.

This is another thing for you to be aware of but Amazon are one of the best out there at being able to identify a bot. In actual fact, they can spot them before so many other people so this is also something that you need to keep in mind.

However, the problem here is that so many people make it easy for them and how do they do that? They do not set up the bot that they are using so that it looks like a human is using the account. They try to do too much at the one time or they run the bot for an entire day and Amazon realizes that no human is going to be able to keep that up.

Remember the Law with the Data.

Here is another important point to remember, Amazon understands the law and they are not afraid to use it to their advantage. However, the important thing to keep in mind is that using a data scraper is not illegal unless you are trying to do it to get private information. Therefore, there is a bit of a gray area as to whether or not this is completely illegal but Amazon is going to test the waters if you are not careful.

In order to avoid this happening you also need to think about just being careful with what you do with the data. It is not the first time that a large Internet company has taken another company to court because of the data that they extracted and then used for their own benefit. If they can do it with a large company then they can do it with a small one.

What you have to then remember is to avoid selling this data that you have gathered together as that is really going to annoy them and potentially force them into taking more severe action. Do you really want to have to face up to Amazon with their size when you were just running a scraper tool incorrectly? Probably not.

Make Sure You Study the Scraper Tool in Advance.

The problem with scrapers for Amazon is that there are a number of tools out there that all state they can help you to get this data together and that they will run into no problems whatsoever.

Now, this may very well be true but it does not take away the fact that you need to spend some time studying the tool and making sure that it is able to do the things that you want and need and can do so without any hitches.

For example, you want the tool to connect and send out requests at varied times and to be able to stagger the requests so that it more resembles normal human activity. You do not want to have just one speed as that is going to lead to your IP being banned. Also, you want it to connect when you want to and also that it fits in well with the proxies that you need to use and that is what we are going to cover now.

The Importance of Proxies.

The last thing that you want to happen is to have your real IP number banned by Amazon. This is something that is going to last forever and how annoying will it be if you have to use a proxy just to buy something that you want?

What this means is that you need to consider using proxies in order to run the scraper tool in the first place and there are several types available that might be worthy of you trying out. Now, you could use shared proxies, but there is a problem in that you have no idea how they have been used before and there is every possibility that they are already banned on Amazon.

Also, you could run a private proxy and the good thing about that is you do know that it is fresh for you and has never been used before, but they are slightly more expensive although they are still going to work.

The best option when it comes to proxies for this kind of data scraping has to be rotating proxies and the reason as to why this is the best option is easy to understand. It is all to do with the way in which the IP rotates through a huge number of different IP addresses so it seems as if a large number of people are sending out these different requests making it harder to trace them. As a result, you will often find that the scraper tool is going to be easier to use and able to get more information before you perhaps have to change tactics.

There is no doubt that proxies are going to be a real life saver for any individual that is looking at using an Amazon proxy. However, it is just as important that you configure the tool in the correct manner simply because of the way in which it has to be coming across as if it is an actual human being that is operating it rather than a bot. Remember that Amazon are absolute experts at spotting bots and their activities so you obviously want to make it as difficult as possible.

When it comes to scraping Amazon, then as long as you keep these important points in mind then there is pretty much no reason why you will not be able to gather together the information that you are looking for and then do with it whatever you want. However, there will always be the chance that you are going to be getting proxies banned but that is just part of it and you better get used to it but as long as you get the details you are after then it is certainly a price worth paying.

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