Avoiding Getting Private Proxies Banned

Using private proxies is essential if you actually want to get around the prospect of your main IP being banned from a whole host of websites where you are perhaps trying to just bend the rules and restrictions that would otherwise be placed upon you. However, even though private proxies are certainly substantially safer than shared proxies there is still the possibility of you getting them banned due to your own activities.

Now, clearly that is going to be a problem for you simply because you need to understand how it is going to have a negative impact on what it is that you are trying to do. The key thing here is to not only understand how you can actually get them banned in the first place, but to then put into place your own personal restrictions to stick to that is going to vastly reduce the possibility of this happening to begin with.

We are not going to go into details as to how or why you are using private proxies as there are a number of reasons, but instead we are going to look more closely at what could go wrong resulting in them being banned. Remember, it is not going to be the proxy itself that will be the problem but rather your own activities and how you use them that is going to lead to search engines or websites becoming aware of your actions and red flags are going to be thrown up all over the place.

So, how do you stop it? Well, these are the main ways in which you save yourself from a major headache.

Using Rate Request Limits.

One common reason why private proxies are banned is simply because you have set up your bots to carry out too many requests in a short period of time. This means that it comes across loud and clear that this is not normal human activity and that is a sure fire way of alerting them to your action.

So, one way to avoid being banned is to make sure that you set the request limits relatively low and to have the request spaced out at random times. This is going to make it appear far more human like and that is what you have to attempt to do in order to avoid being struck by the ban hammer. Remember, you want it to appear as if you are sitting in some part of the world that is related to the IP number and doing everything manually because then your private proxies are going to last longer as a result.

Think About Referrer Sources.

If you are using a bot with your private proxies then you are going to be aware of referrer sources when you are doing some scraping. Now, once again the key is to make sure that things are coming across as naturally as possible rather than the same thing time and time again mixed in with a huge number of requests.

With your referrer sources you need to make sure that it does not raise suspicion. For example, if you are scraping Amazon then you want Amazon itself to be the referrer source simply because it looks more natural that somebody would be using their website to search for products. However, if you went straight to the products and did so in a huge way, then Amazon is going to be alerted and your proxy will be banned as they will believe that they are under attack.

Make sense?

Think About the Location.

This is a key point that has to be discussed because it is often seen as being one of the easiest ways in which people end up having their private proxies banned, they are unaware of the location or overlook certain aspects of it.

First, you need to make sure that the proxy you are using ties in with other pieces of information regarding you. For example if you are aware that your proxy is for the United States then using it for the UK might not make that much sense and it is going to certainly come across as some rather strange behavior. Due to this, you will often find that the sites you are working on are going to pick up on it and take action.

Second of all, you need to be aware that certain locations and countries are going to be frowned upon due to them having a reputation for illegal activity. If you use a private proxy that is linked to say Nigeria or Russia then you will tend to find that you are going to have them banned more often than not simply because of their location as opposed to proxies that have you appearing to operate out of the likes of Toronto or London.

Why? Simply because of a trust factor and that is something that you do not want to fall foul of.

Avoid Search Helps.

When you are on Google you can use certain codes and helps that will mean you get more accurate search results and there is no doubt that from a marketing perspective this can be extremely useful. It is going to allow you to really cut out so many results that are just not important to you and focus on the key parts that can provide you with data that you can then put to good use.

However, there is a problem in using them when it comes to private proxies and you can ultimately work your way into a situation where you find that you are being banned as a result.

Google actually refer to these helps as search operators and it is known that they are more likely to pay close attention to when these terms are being used in searches over and above anything else in existence. This means that if you use them on a regular basis and in a short period of time then they are going to look at your IP and start to wonder what is going on or come to the conclusion that you are using a bot. It is not going to take much for them to then work out that they have to ban your IP number and of course that means the end of your private proxy for that very reason.

Now, we are not saying that you should never use them because that is not the case. However, do be wise at how you employ these search operators and do try to stick to normal search terms wherever possible simply because of the way in which it makes it easier to fly under the radar. Yes, private proxies may be set up so that you can just burn through them and it may not alter things on the grand scheme, but do you really want to have to go through the buying and setting up of them on a regular basis just because you have tried to effectively abuse Google and scrape as much information as possible in the shortest time?

But, how do you then avoid all of this because it does sound as if it is going to impede your ability to carry out the tasks that you were hoping to do?

Well, the key is in rotating your proxies on a regular basis because if different IP numbers are doing different requests at various times then it does come across as being far more natural and human like and that is something that you have to try to perfect. Also, just remember to not go too hard at all of this because even though you may be excited and want to generate as much information as possible it is not going to really serve any purpose if you are then banned as a result. Rotating your proxies will certainly help to get you around that problem but then just being wise in what you do is also going to go a long way of avoiding getting into trouble.

So, that is how you can avoid getting private proxies banned and we strongly advise that you take notice of what we have said and put the different points into action. Now, this is not about saving you money because clearly private proxies can be bought in bulk and without them costing the earth, but rather this is about keeping your business running smoothly and without any interruptions.

Do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of believing that private proxies are somehow immune to being banned. They are still going to be picked up by various websites and those websites will then take action wherever they see fit just to make sure that their systems are not being manipulated. The key is to fly under the radar and your private proxy will then last you for a considerable length of time and who knows how much money or business that is then going to be able to provide you with.

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